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12 Tech Review Sites for Small Businesses

Technology product review sites can be a valuable resource for small businesses that need to make purchasing decisions. Sites offer expert and consumer opinions, as well as how-to information, competitive pricing locations, and the latest news on technology trends.

Here is a list of technology review sites. Some of the sites review consumer and business technology, while others focus solely on the needs of businesses. Reviews appear in technology news sites, as well as review-only sites. All of the sites review technology that can help a small business grow.

Technology Review Sites

CNET. A division of CBS Interactive, CNET provides information, tools, and advice to help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of your tech. Access news and reviews, videos that demystify technology, and podcasts. Post your own opinions. View an editorial calendar to see upcoming product reviews and features.



Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports is the original product testing organization. For small business technology needs, Consumer Reports has a variety of product reviews on equipment, such as computer back-up systems, computers, laptops and netbooks, and security software.

Digital Trends. Digital Trends provides product reviews, as well as technology news and editorial content. Reviews also include trends and editor’s choices.

Engadget. Engadget, a division of Aol Tech, is a news and review site dedicated to the coverage of gadgets and electronics. It features an extensive collection of hardware reviews, as well as videos, podcasts, and additional links to reviews and tech coverage.


Engadget. Epinions, a service of, is a platform for consumer reviews. It provides buying guides, how-to guides, and pricing and availability options through a list of rated online merchants. Its “Computers & Internet” section contains reviews for hardware, websites and Internet services, software, and a variety of enterprise products for small and mid-size businesses. is a resource for information technology professionals who are responsible for purchasing and implementing IT solutions for their companies. In addition to reviews, it covers news and information on a wide range of IT subjects, such as cloud computing, storage, security, infrastructure, and open source tech.

PCWorld Business Center. Business Center is part of PCWorld, which covers tech news and solutions for growing businesses. It reviews office hardware, software and services, servers and storage, operating systems, networking and VOIP, and more.

SlashGear. SlashGear is a site dedicated to gadget and tech obsession. In addition to reviews, SlashGear provides news and trends on the latest in personal technology and cutting-edge tech gear.

Small Business Computing. Small Business Computing provides product reviews, how-to guides, and tech news to help small businesses make smart technology decisions. Product review categories include hardware, networking, storage, IT management, and more.

Small Business Computing.

Small Business Computing.

TestFreaks. TestFreaks collects product information and reviews. Products are given a FreakScore, which is a combination of professional and user review scores. Product listings include review rankings, pros and cons, best deal locations, and expert review highlights.

Wize. Wize aggregates reviews from sites that allow users to write about their product experiences. Results are compiled from review sites, such as CNET, which gives you the chance to hear from everyday users as well as product experts. Wize’s site claims to have 49 million recommendations for more than 2 million products. Reviews include computers and office product categories, such as networking, storage, office equipment, and more.

ZDNet. ZDNet is a technology news and review site. It covers a wide variety of business technology, including enterprise software, hardware, and operating systems. It provides reviews of consumer technology, as well as technology for small and mid-size businesses.



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