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13 Timekeeping Apps for Small Businesses

Time is a precious commodity, particularly for entrepreneurial small-business owners that have to manage it themselves. Whether for billing or keeping yourself accountable, there are a number of mobile apps to measure your time.

Here is a list of mobile apps to manage time. There are time-tracking apps for invoicing and time-monitoring apps to keep you on schedule. There are both free and paid apps, for Android and Apple’s iOS.

Timekeeping Apps

TimeBox. TimeBox is a configurable time management application that employs the Pomodoro Technique, a proprietary time-management system — see Cycles are typically 25 minutes with a 5-minute break afterward. After four such cycles, a 15-to-20 minute break is taken. Available for Android. Price: Free.

Smart Plans. Smart Plans is a plan monitor that includes a timer to log project tasks, such as phone calls and client meetings. Tasks can be grouped into structured or freestyle plans. The app also includes a task list, contacts manager, goals manager, and more. Available for iOS. Price: $4.99.

Timesheet. Timesheet is an app for simple project time tracking. Record your work with the push of a button. You can easily add breaks and create notes for an ongoing task. Clear overviews and statistics will show the current work, project details and more information. Export data to Excel (XLS, CSV) and XML. Available for Android. Price: Free.

GoTime. GoTime is a time-management app that helps you stay on schedule. GoTime syncs with your iPhone calendar and address book and uses your iPhone GPS to determine the travel time to upcoming calendar events. Available for iOS. Price: $0.99.

TimeTracker. TimeTracker is a time-tracking and reporting application to track time spent on the job. It also allows emailing or exporting of Excel-friendly files directly to the desktop. Available for iOS. Price: $2.99.

myWorkTime. This is a timer for tasks and projects. It features 113 currencies for billing, notes, contacts. Export data as CSV via email. Timers keep running even when you are not running the app. Available for iOS. Price: $2.99.

Harvest. Harvest is a complete time-tracking application that is ideal for teams. Run start and stop timers throughout the day with the click of a button, or quickly type in your time on the weekly timesheet. Track time on mobile device, desktop widget, or via Twitter and Gmail. Manage and approve your staff’s time, and automatically remind employees to submit timesheets. Create invoices and track expenses. Available for Android, iOS. Price: Free version is limited to one user, two projects and four clients. Plans start at $12/month for up to 3 users.

Hours Time Manager. This is an app to help you manage your time. See at a glance when you worked and when you slacked off. Concentrate by setting a timer. Social timeline and ranking make you feel like your peers are nearby, even when in isolated environment. Available for iOS. Price: $6.99.

TimeLog. TimeLog records your working times on the go. You can assign a client and a category with an hourly rate to the recordings. The recordings can be exported in various formats (text/iCal/XML). Available for iOS. Price: $4.99.

Toggl. Toggl is a web application that provides an easy way to track time spent on projects. It works well for both teams and freelancers. The application supports both online and offline modes. It’s compatible with other programs, suck as QuickBooks and Basecamp. Toggl can generate reports on how you and your team are spending the day. Available for Android, iOS. Price: Free plan available with basic features for up to 5 users. Premium plans are $5/month per user.

Timewerks. Timewerks is a time-tracking and invoicing application for anyone who needs to track time and materials, and send invoices. Back up and restore your data with one tap. Calculate sales taxes, discounts and support multiple currencies. Available for iOS. Price: $2.99.

Time Master. Time Master tracks time and expenses. You can track time using start and stop times, duration, and/or timers. Sort, arrange and start and stop individual tasks — or group them by a certain client. Track expenses and import files into the app. Apply filters to sort and view only what you need to see. Available for iOS. Price: $9.99.

Time Recording. Time Recording is an easy-to-use time manager. It features task assignments, daily and detailed notes, project overviews, and integrated backup and restore. Export data as CSV, HTML or XML. Available for Android. Price: Free. Pro Version is $2.95 for ad-free integration with Google Calendar and Dropbox.

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