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14 New Business Books for 2021

It’s time to ready your reading list for 2021. Here is a list of new and upcoming business books for entrepreneurs, managers, and creative professionals. Learn how to sell your business, harness the power of developers, adopt the principles of success at Amazon, alter your thinking to achieve quick mastery, and more.

New Business Books for 2021

Skip the Line: The 10,000 Experiments Rule and Other Surprising Advice for Reaching Your Goals by James Altucher

Cover of "Skip the Line"

Skip the Line

In “Skip the Line,” entrepreneur James Altucher offers a new mindset and multiple techniques to pursue your passions and achieve your dreams. Learn to transform how you think, work, and live — letting your interests guide your learning, time, and resources. Alter your approach to change and crisis.

Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon by Colin Bryar and Bill Carr

Cover of "Working Backwards"

Working Backwards

Authored by two former senior executives at Amazon, “Working Backwards” is an inside look at the principles and practices that drive Amazon’s empire. The authors detail all 14 of Amazon’s leadership rules and reveal how they direct decision-making at all levels.

Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century by Jeff Lawson

Cover of "Ask Your Developer"

Ask Your Developer

In “Ask Your Developer,” Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson shows how, in the modern digital economy, developers are the key ingredient for solving problems and creating hit products. Learn why software developers matter more than ever. Explore how to motivate them and why it’s essential to invest in their success.

The Art of Selling Your Business: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks for Exiting on Top by John Warrillow

Cover of "The Art of Selling Your Business"

The Art of Selling Your Business

The host of the “Built to Sell Radio” podcast, John Warrillow completes his trilogy on building a company with “The Art of Selling Your Business.” Based on interviews with hundreds of cashed-out founders, this practical guide will help you value your business, determine the best time to sell, create a bidding war, position your company to attract buyers, maximize a price, and perfect your negotiating.

The Introvert’s Edge to Networking by Matthew Pollard

Cover of "The Introvert’s Edge to Networking"

The Introvert’s Edge to Networking

You don’t have to have to be a relentless self-promoter to be a successful networker. In “The Introvert’s Edge to Networking,” Matthew Pollard shows that introverts make the best networkers when armed with a plan that lets them be their authentic selves. Drawing on over a decade of research and real-work examples, this guide provides an actionable blueprint for introverted networking.

Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working from Home by Charlie Warzel and Anne Helen Petersen

Cover of "Out of Office"

Out of Office

The pandemic has ushered an era where flexible work arrangements are possible for everyone. “Out of Office” combines groundbreaking reporting and the authors’ first-person experiences after they decided to leave their desk jobs in New York City for Montana. It outlines a path toward a new kind of work-life balance that can improve our lives and strengthen our communities.

Tarzan Economics: Eight Principles for Pivoting Through Disruption by Will Page

Cover of "Tarzan Economics"

Tarzan Economics

Survival in business over the long haul has everything to do with adapting to change. In “Tarzan Economics,” Will Page, the chief economist at Spotify, examines eight essential principles to help businesses change and prosper during game-altering disruptions.

Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance by Erica Dhawan

Cover of "Digital Body Language"

Digital Body Language

“Digital Body Language” decodes the new signals and cues that have replaced traditional body language. Learn how to deal with daily misunderstandings in the current world of remote working, from large conferences and video meetings to daily emails, texts, instant messages, and phone calls. Get insights and solutions to build trust and clarity with anyone in our ever-changing world.

The Five Tool Negotiator: The Complete Guide to Bargaining Success by Russell Korobkin

Cover of "The Five Tool Negotiator"

The Five Tool Negotiator

“The Five Tool Negotiator” is a guide for anyone eager to improve her bargaining skills. Explore the five distinct options that we can all utilize: Bargaining Zone Analysis, Persuasion, Deal Design, Power, and Fairness Norms. Master the critical skills of negotiation for all levels of a transaction.

You Are What You Risk: The New Art and Science of Navigating an Uncertain World by Michele Wucker

Cover of "You Are What You Risk"

You Are What You Risk

In “You Are What You Risk,” Michele Wucker examines why we avoid risk, when we should embrace it, and how we can re-shape our relationship with uncertainty and opportunity to live more productive lives. Get insights, tools, and strategies to make better choices about risks big and small.

Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Inventing by Warren Tuttle with Jeffrey A. Mangus

Cover of "Inventor Confidential"

Inventor Confidential

If you have a great idea or invention and want to monetize it, “Inventor Confidential” will show you where to spend your money to maximize your odds for success. Gain a broad picture of the challenges, the red flags, the development protocol, and the steps to market.

Rethinking Users: The Design Guide to User Ecosystem Thinking by Michael Youngblood, Benjamin J. Chesluk, and Nadeem Haidary

Cover of "Rethinking Users"

Rethinking Users

Notions of direct relationships between people and products are no longer valid. “Rethinking Users” presents a new approach to understand the nature of user experience, with a deck of user-persona cards and step-by-step team activities for unlocking new user-centered thinking.

Trustworthy: How the Smartest Brands Beat Cynicism and Bridge the Trust Gap by Margot Bloomstein

Cover of "Trustworthy"


Marketers need a new strategy in this cynical age to instill trust and help consumers make confident decisions. This dynamic fuels a wide range of high-performing organizations, including Airbnb, Zoom, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, TED conferences, and The New York Times. In “Trustworthy,” Margot Bloomstein shows how to employ concrete tactics to help your brand gain trust, respect, and loyalty, to lead your audience from cynicism to hope.

The Cult of We: WeWork, Adam Neumann, and the Great Startup Delusion by Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell

Cover of "The Cult of We"

The Cult of We

In “The Cult of We,” Wall Street Journal reporters Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell detail the inside story of WeWork and its founder, Adam Neumann, from incarnation to a staggering multi-billion-dollar implosion. WeWork’s rise and destruction were fueled by disparate characters in a financial system blind to its risks, including leaders at J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Why did some of the biggest names in banking and venture capital buy the hype, and what does the future hold for Silicon Valley unicorns?

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