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15 ‘Light-Blogging’ Sites

More people are light blogging. According to Quantcast, in the last year Tumblr tripled its visits per month to over 300 million, 8.5 times more page views per month than full-blogging counterpart

Here is a list of light-blogging platforms. There are micro-blogging platforms, which limit posts approximately to 140 characters. And there are life-streaming platforms, which provide media-rich experience while being short and to the point. All of these sites are free, though some offer additional premium services.

Light-Blogging Sites

Twitter. The go-to micro-blogging platform. Use Twitter to deliver quick updates via web browser, mobile app, or SMS. Access the Twitter Developers site and develop your own third-party app.


Twitter. Create a custom micro-blogging network that fits your organization. offers a free hosted version. If users need more security, a downloadable enterprise version is available for a license-fee.

Qaiku. Qaiku is a micro-blogging site that integrates with Twitter. Create your stream, and monitor your radar as others mention you. Posts have a 140-character maximum.

Hictu. Hictu is a micro-blogging site for posting small video, audio, and text. Video and audio clips have a 60 second maximum, text posts have a 160-character maximum.



IRateMyDay. IRateMyDay is a micro-blogging site to rate your day. Write brief comments as you quantify your feelings. Posts have a 200-character maximum.

StatusNet. StatusNet is an open-source enterprise social network that supports micro-blogging and activity streams. Similar to, it is intended for companywide micro-blogging. The basic version is free; the premium version is $3 per user/month. is a micro-blogging service based on the free StatusNet tool. Post small text notices about yourself, where you are, what you’re doing, or practically anything you want. Posts have a 140-character maximum.

Plurk. Use Plurk to share the things that make up your life. Share via the web or mobile phone. Posts have a 140-character maximum.

Heello. Created by the founder of Twitpic, Heello has become a parallel-universe version of Twitter, filled with micro-blogs of creative fakesters. Posts have a 140-character maximum.

Tumblr. Tumblr is the leading light-blogging platform. Tumblr lets you share mixed media with ease: text, photos, links, audio, and video. There are a wide variety of customizable themes. Post from your browser, phone, or email.



Posterous. Posterous Spaces is a light-blogging platform with over 10 million visits per month. Share text, photos, video, audio, and the things you want to share. Broadcast to other social networks. Post on the fly with the iPhone or Android app.

Floort. Floort is a site to tell the world what you think on just about any topic. Share your outlook, then find out what your audience thinks.

DailyBooth. DailyBooth is a light-blogging platform for posting photos and brief text about your life.



Kontain. Kontain is another platform for blogging with photos and short text.

Rememble. Rememble is a light-blogging platform to thread together text, photos, videos, sounds, and more. Connect your content, and share your story.



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