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17 Tools to Analyze Your Links

Monitoring your inbound links is a great way to gauge the progress of your website. Inbound links, or backlinks, give you a picture of who is taking an interest in your site. Compare your inbound links to those of your competing websites, and discover new relationships to build.

Here is a list of tools to analyze your link profile. There are dedicated link identifiers, full search-engine-optimization suites, and link tools for search engines. There are both free and paid tools.

Link Research Tools

Ahrefs. Analyze your own sites and get a quick summary of any URL, for free. Analyze other sites and visually compare multiple sites. Ahrefs lists all the backlinks for the true picture of a site. Get statistics of backlinks on a URL, path, domain, or domain hierarchy with subdomains. Price: Free account gives 3 reports and 15 queries per day; Premium accounts start at $49/month for 20 reports and 500 queries per day.



Analyze Backlinks. See all the backlinks of your site or your competitor’s site. Check your number of social links, such as Likes and Tweets, or get Google keyword and page rankings. Price: Free.

Backlink Finder. Backlink Finder is a quick and easy tool to check your backlinks. Check your Google PageRank, Alexa traffic, and generate a backlink report. Price: Free.

Backlink Reporter. Banklink Reporter offers a free backlink checker tool. It also offers a service to track and manage your links, get PageRank and link text, scan meta attributes, and create reports. Price: Free plan lets you save and manage 3 websites and 100 links per site. Premium plans start at $7 per month for 7 websites and 1,000 links per site.

Backlink Reporter.

Backlink Reporter.

Backlink Watch. Backlink Watch provides an inbound link report for a site. Get backlink URLs, total external links found on inbound-link pages, PageRank of backlink sites, anchor text, and more. Price: Free.

Bing Webmaster Tools. Get a comprehensive view of the sites that are linking to your site. Webmaster Tools include several other aids, such as a keyword tool and traffic stats. Price: Free.

blekko. bleeko is a smaller search engine than Google, but it strives to be open and transparent, providing ranking information and web data to all of its users. It offers multiple functions to get inbound page links, alt version, and site links. Price: Free.



BuzzStream. BuzzStream simplifies and manages the process of cultivating quality link relationships with influencers across the web. Automatically track your links across media. Research online influencers, get metrics to help you prioritize your activities, and grow your catalog of quality link opportunities. Price: $49 per month.

Google Webmaster Tools. Discover your link and query traffic. View, classify, and download comprehensive data about internal and external links to your site with new link reporting tools. In the Webmaster Tools, access Links to Your Site to get a list of links that Googlebot discovered during its indexing, as well as the most common anchor text. Price: Free.

Link Diagnosis. Get backlinks with their Google PageRank and anchor text popularity. Access charts with breakdown of PageRank and link types. Price: Free.

Link Diagnosis.

Link Diagnosis. – Backlink Checker. provides premium link popularity reports from multiple search engines. URLs are sorted by estimated popularity and filtered for no-follow links. Price: Report is $20 per URL (includes up to 5,000 incoming links.)

Majestic SEO. Majestic SEO offers a Backlink History to check backlinks and backlink histories for domains, subdomains or URLs. Registered users can compare up to 5 domains simultaneously. It also has a Bulk Backlink tool for backlink counts and a Clique Hunter for cliques that link to a list of domains. Price: Free for data on sites you own; plans start at $49.99 per month for light use by SEO professionals.

Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer is the self-proclaimed search engine for links. Track your links over time, and pull up to 10,000 links. Check your links against competitors, and find link opportunities to build your site’s authority. Price: Basic linking information is free; Pro plan is free for 30 days and then is $99 per month.

Open Site Explorer.

Open Site Explorer.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is a SEO program that provides information on a page’s links, its anchor text and status codes, meta tags and keywords, sitemaps, duplicate pages, follow and no-follow, and more. The Lite version of the tool is free, but is limited to crawling a maximum of 500 URLs and it does not give you full access to configuration options or the custom source code feature. Price: Lite version is free; Premium version is £99/year.

SEO Book. SEO Book has a number of tools to analyze your link profile, compare it to competing sites, and find pages that would be great sources to get links from. It features: SEO Toolbar to import link data, a competitive analysis tool; Reciprocal Link Checker; Link Suggest Tool, and more. Also check out its 101 link building tips. Price: SEO Book’s link analysis tools are free.

SEO Book.

SEO Book.

SEO Spyglass. SEO Spyglass helps you investigate sites competing for your keywords, identifying and analyzing their inbound links. Check your competition in more than 400 search engines, and access new areas of opportunity for your sites. Price: Free version is limited to 3 search engines and 1,100 links per project; Pro version is $99.75.

Xenu Link Sleuth. Xenu’s Link Sleuth checks sites for broken links. Link verification is done on links, images, frames, plug-ins, and more. It displays a continuously updated list of URLs that you can sort by different criteria. Produce a report at any time. Price: Free.

Xenu Link Sleuth.

Xenu Link Sleuth.

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    It is free php based script and can be installed on apache server. It does backlink analysis job lot easy.

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