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20 Tools to Promote Your Content

In “45 Tools to Generate Content, for Ecommerce,” my article last week, I listed tools to generate content to attract and retain customers. Once you have generated new content — such as blog posts, infographics, or how-to videos — you need to distribute and promote it.

Here is a list of tools to help promote your content. There are tools to run promoted ad campaigns, schedule and target your distribution efforts, gain the support of influencers, and create real buzz.

Tools to Promote Content provides bloggers, publishers and brands a way to instantly syndicate content and expand its reach on the social web and into new channels. In addition to its tools to manage and measure the flow of your content, also offers promoted stories to get your story discovered and shared with expanded distribution. Price: Plans start at $9.99 per month. Promoted stories start at $9.95 per story.

BuzzStream. Gaining the support of influencers can be the greatest way to promote your content. BuzzStream is a tool to help you manage word-of-mouth marketing that creates buzz, builds links, and increases traffic to your website. Let BuzzStream collect detailed influencer metrics for you automatically. Price: Plans start at $29 per month.

OneLoad. If you have videos to promote, OneLoad is a tool to distribute them to multiple sites, boost your video SEO, and manage your meta data. Get daily reports on daily trends and performance. Price: Free plan allows 2 videos per month. Call for pricing on premium plans.

SlideShare. Promote your content by presenting it in multiple media formats. SlideShare allows users to easily upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. SlideShares can be embedded into websites and blogs, and are easily shareable on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms. Price: Free.



StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is an application that lets users surf the best of the web by “stumbling” to sites that match their interests. Promote your content through its ad platform. Target by age, gender, location, device, and select from more than 500 interest categories. Pay per visit with no minimum spend, and you can start and stop at any time. Price: Contact on pricing.

Sprout Social. Sprout Social lets you seamlessly post and schedule your messages to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Boost your content’s social engagement with ViralPost, which analyzes your audience to determine the optimal times to deliver content based on usage and engagement patterns, content velocity, and other factors. Price: Plans start at $59 per month.

Gravity. Gravity seeks to personalize the Internet to get the right content from publishers and advertisers in front of the right consumers. The Gravity API can personalize your content page. And Gravity promotes content you’ve created or media coverage you’ve earned to a qualified audience across its publisher network. Price: Contact on pricing.



PR Newswire. PR Newswire offers end-to-end content and news production and distribution services. Distribute to journalists, bloggers, and key influencers. Multiply attention and engagement with video, images, audio, landing pages, and more. Measure ROI by tracking where your news appeared, how many read it, how your coverage ranks, and more. Price: Contact for pricing.

Disqus. Discus is a free commenting service that enables online communities. Add to your site or blog site, and create engagement with users more likely to share. To build brand awareness and drive engagement around your content, incorporate your existing content into a sponsored comment. Target your audience with over 1,000 categories. Price: Community app is free. Contact for sponsored story pricing.

PRWeb. PRWeb is an online distribution platform for news and publicity. Get your story onto major news sites and expand your reach with access to more than 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists. Price: Starts at $99 per release.



PixxFly. PixxFly is a tool to automate the distribution and syndication of your content. Distribute content to 24 top social media platforms. Upload your videos, images, infographics and content elements and broadcast them to the world with one click. Extend your reach with traditional, social, and multimedia — all fused into a single system. Price: Plans start at $250 per month.

Followerwonk. Followerwonk is a tool to find, analyze and optimize for social growth. Find and connect with new influencers in your niche. Dig deeper into Twitter analytics and get precise statistics on followers. Price: Free.

Buffer. Buffer makes it easy to consistently schedule content on social media, which increases your reach and fan engagement. Buffer helps you engage your audience at the right times, driving more clicks on your posts and traffic to your site. Price: Individual account is free. Business plans start at $50 per month for 5 team members.



Tweroid. Tweriod is a free app that gives you the best times to tweet your content. Tweriod analyzes your followers and the timing of their last 200 tweets. The free analysis will analyze up to 1,000 of your followers. Price: Free. Premium tool analyzes up to 5,000 followers.

Outbrain. Outbrain is a content discovery platform. With Outbrain Amplify, links to your content appear as recommendations on the web’s largest content publishers. Promote articles, videos, slide shows, infographics, or even earned media that offers informational or entertainment value to the audience. Price: Daily budget has a $10 minimum.

Filament. Filament is a application to measure and promote engagement for your blog. Filament shows you what sources are bringing you the most engaged audience, regardless of volume, so you can focus your efforts where it matters most. It offers multiple tools for users to share content. Price: Contact on pricing.



HootSuite. HootSuite is a social media management tool to schedule your messages, engage your audience, and measure return on investment. HootSuite integrates with over 25 social networks to engage your community and customers. Save time with archived responses. Target your posts and share content with your customers based on location, language, and demographic. Price: Up to 3 profiles for free. Pro plan is $9.99 per month.

BizSugar. BizSugar is a content curation site for small business news and tips. Share your business blog posts, videos and other content, so that others can learn from you. BizSugar’s community votes on member-submitted tips, advice, and other small business information, advancing the highest-quality posts to the home page. Price: Free.

LinkedIn Groups. This is a directory of groups within the LinkedIn community. If your content is of genuine interest to any groups, request to join and find support with established influencers. Price: Free.

Promoted Posts. One way to expand the reach of your content is to create promoted posts and sponsored content on established social networks. Consider promoting posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Price: See for pricing.

Twitter Promoted Tweets

Twitter Promoted Tweets

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  1. Ydeveloper December 1, 2014 Reply

    Curating content to various social media and website is the best way to get notify people about your content update. You have provided a nice list. I would like to add one more, it’s Check this board, for update.

  2. Ty Whalin December 2, 2014 Reply

    Great list of tools you compiled here. Most of the tools listed on here I’ve used before.

  3. Magdalena December 2, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Sig for simplifying my life with these wonderful social/PR tools. I can’t wait to explore further.