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20 Top Private Label Brands from Amazon

In 2009, Amazon quietly began to offer batteries under AmazonBasics, its own brand. Today, Amazon has roughly 400 private-label brands for 243,000 products. Amazon also has hundreds of Amazon Exclusives brand partners through its Amazon Accelerator (“Our Brands”) and Amazon Launchpad programs.

For merchants, Amazon’s portfolio of private label and partnered brands present significant competition in search results, as Amazon gives space to its own merchandise — “Featured from our brands” or “Top rated from our brands” — over sponsored ads and organic search. However, tracking Amazon’s brands is an opportunity for merchants to learn from the largest online merchant.

Here is a list of top private label brands from Amazon. The data is from Marketplace Pulse research, which analyzed over 400 Amazon brands. The brands are sorted by the total number of customer reviews, as, on average, 3 to 5 percent of units sold generate reviews for these brands. I also used the Jungle Scout Chrome extension for additional research on best-selling items.

Top Amazon Private Label Brands

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s best-selling private label brand, offering essential home goods, office supplies, and tech accessories since 2009. The brand also offers products for the kitchen, home improvement, and pets. 1,352 products; 839,260 reviews; $29.70 average price.



Amazon Collection sells a wide range of jewelry, from affordable earrings and charms to expensive engagement and wedding pieces. It offers the most products of Amazon brands. The top seller is a pair of Swarovski Zirconia earrings. 4,088 products; 113,149 reviews; $221.08 average price.

Amazon Essentials offers comfortable and affordable clothing for the entire family. It also sells plus size clothing, baby clothes, and accessories. 464 products; 68,941 reviews; $19.32 average price.

Pinzon sells bedding and towels. Launched in 2009 (along with AmazonBasics), Pinzon was one of Amazon’s first private label efforts. 84 products; 30,354 reviews; $47.01 average price.

Solimo offers everyday household goods for less, from personal care to pet products and household essentials. Solimo launched in 2009, another of Amazon’s initial private label brands. 521 products; 25,724 reviews; $11.89 average price.



Amazon Elements is a health brand that sells multivitamins, minerals, and herbal and botanical supplements. 37 products; 23,940 reviews; $15.49 average price.

Goodthreads sells denim jeans and casual clothing for men and women. Its top seller is “The perfect Crewneck T-Shirt.” 214 products; 20,413 reviews; $26.30 average price.

Daily Ritual is a women’s fashion brand that focuses on chic and stylish casualwear staples. 316 products; 17,033 reviews; $22.98 average price.

Lark & Ro is a women’s fashion brand that offers contemporary “work-to-wow” clothing. It focuses on elevated essentials with day-to-night versatility. 607 products; 16,328 reviews; $46.74 average price.

Lark & Ro

Lark & Ro

Mae sells women’s sleepwear, swimwear, lingerie, bras, and underwear. 254 products; 15,914 reviews; $19.17 average price.

Mama Bear sells products for babies and kids, such as baby food, multivitamins, and gentle laundry detergent. The brand launched in 2018 with diapers, which were previously offered by Amazon Elements. 94 products; 15,271 reviews; $20.28 average price.

Presto! is a brand that sells household essentials such as toilet paper and paper towels. The brand’s first product was laundry detergent, which launched in 2017. 12 products; 9,763 reviews; $15.87 average price.

Stone & Beam is a home and kitchen brand that sells traditionally-inspired, rustic-style furniture and home products, such as lighting, rugs, and kitchenware. 586 products; 9,035 reviews; $277.02 average price.

Happy Belly is Amazon’s private label brand for packaged foods. Launched in 2016 with packaged nuts and granola mixes, Happy Belly expanded in 2019 with the delivery of perishable dairy products. 47 products; 8,626 reviews; $9.51 average price.

Happy Belly

Happy Belly

365 Everyday Value is the store brand of Whole Foods Market, which Amazon acquired in 2017. Following the acquisition, non-perishable 365 Everyday Value products became available on Amazon. The brand provides quality natural and organic products for, it says, the best price. 1,115 products; 8,442 reviews; $3.92 average price.

Mountain Falls sells health, beauty, and personal care products — all manufactured by Vi-Jon, a 100-year-old custom manufacturer and distributor in St. Louis, Missouri. Its top seller is Mountain Falls Epsom Salt. 244 products; 8,062 reviews; $16.33 average price.

Rivet is a furniture brand that sells mid-century and industrial modern design at affordable prices. Its top revenue generator is the Rivet Revolve sofa with a reversible sectional chaise. 590 products; 7,041 reviews; $198.21 average price.

Cable Stitch is a women’s fashion brand that focuses on sweaters and cable knit clothing. 116 products; 5,120 reviews; $49.88 average price.

Buttoned Down is a men’s fashion brand that sells dress clothes with premium fabrics and fits at affordable prices. Launched in late 2016, Buttoned Down was one of Amazon’s first private apparel brands exclusively for Prime Members. 92 products; 5,071 reviews; $42.55 average price.

Buttoned Down

Buttoned Down

Wickedly Prime is Amazon’s grocery brand that’s dedicated to snackfood. Its products include peanut butter-filled pretzels, snackbars, and even savory soups. Wickedly Prime products are only available to Prime members. 48 products; 4,708 reviews; $11.50 average price.

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