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21 New Shopify Tools to Explore

Shopify publishes a twice-yearly rundown, called “Editions,” of upgrades to its platform. Editions Summer ’23, released in August, contains more than 100 new tools and features. Here is a list of some of those. There are tools for AI and B2B and an assortment of apps to extend an online store.

New Shopify Tools

Shopify Magic is the platform’s generative AI trained on proprietary data and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Magic can produce product descriptions, on-brand content, and email campaigns through Shopify Email. Through Shopify Inbox, generate personalized FAQs and responses from your store.

Home page of Shopify Magic

Shopify Magic

Sidekick is Shopify’s chatbot-like AI tool for operational assistance for ecommerce merchants. Sidekick responds to everyday language to perform time-consuming tasks and improve a store.

Shopify Marketplace Connect is an app to connect and integrate a Shopify product catalog with multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy. Sync products, inventory, and orders in real time. Manage, synchronize, and measure performance from the Shopify dashboard. Sell in all global regions and categories with built-in currency conversion.

TikTok app enables merchants to connect a Shopify account to a TikTok Shop. Sync products to TikTok while managing orders in Shopify.

Shopify Collective is a new dropship feature allowing retailers to sell products from other Shopify sellers, who fulfill and ship the products. Retailers using Shopify Collective can search for items to sell and invite suppliers to connect.

Home page of Shopify Collective

Shopify Collective

Checkout has 17 new APIs and updates to customize and extend the experience — such as upselling subscriptions or offering pre-orders for out-of-stock items during checkout. Additionally, apps can inject custom validation logic into the cart and checkout, customize delivery options, and validate or correct a buyer’s address. Developers can preview the one-page checkout, thank you page, and new customer account pages directly in the checkout editor.

One-page Checkout is now the default Shopify checkout, providing a shorter, faster, and more intuitive experience for buyers. Merchants can test an app built for the three-page checkout to ensure the best experience across both layouts.

Shopify Subscriptions is a free app to set up and manage recurring, scheduled product sales. Offer subscription plans with various frequencies and discount types for single or multiple products. Customers can pause or skip orders, update payment and shipping details, and more. Display a subscription widget on your online store.

Shopify Flow, now available for basic plans, enables merchants to build custom automation without coding. Connect apps to automate tasks such as reordering inventory or identifying potential fraud. Use Flow to enable or disable sales channels automatically.

Home page of Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow

Marketing Automation Templates sync with Shopify Email to automate welcome emails, first-purchase upsells, re-engagement campaigns, and more. Templates are customizable to reflect branding.

Shopify Bundles is a free app to create fixed bundles and multipacks from the platform’s admin. ​​Customize your bundle product page with images, variants, and product options. Inventory is updated in real-time to avoid overselling. Customers can choose from options like size or color for products in the bundle.

Themes now have built-in support for animations, including fade-in on scroll, special effects for image banners, and hover effects on cards and buttons. Customize the announcement bar and header. Install conversion-driving apps, such as wishlists and loyalty programs, and display them beside your cart.

Shopify POS has been streamlined for more efficient workflows. Staff can refund return values to existing physical and digital gift cards. Pick-up locations are prioritized by proximity. Add a custom QR code to receipts, directing customers to feedback surveys, discount codes, or other URLs. Cancel orders and void payments easily if customers change their minds.

Home page of Shopify POS

Shopify POS

Flex Sections leverage CSS Flexbox to create custom frontend layouts with simple drag-and-drop editing. Control alignment within sections of your store. Resize, group, and edit elements.

Smart Order Routing automatically ships orders from the best fulfillment location — i.e., a warehouse, a retail store, or a third-party logistics provider.

Shopify Help Center now offers merchants an AI-powered assistant to get answers fast.

Shopify Tax Platform provides merchants with integrated tax services from vetted partners. Merchants can utilize Shopify’s embedded tax calculations to handle all sales tax needs.

Home page of Shopify Tax Platform

Shopify Tax Platform

Return Rules make handling returns easier. Set up rules that automatically apply to an order and let customers know about ineligible items and fees before they request a return.

Shopify Credit is a business credit card for eligible merchants. It has no fees, interest, or credit checks and offers cashback rewards on key spending categories.

B2B features have improved on Shopify Plus. The upgrades include native volume pricing, storefront customizations, quick order lists, company account requests, and secure storage for B2B customer credit cards. Business customers can now pay for their orders and invoices with PayPal, and merchants can reconcile payments in the admin.

Hydrogen, Shopify’s React-based stack for headless commerce, has added features to make it easier and faster to build a store. Merchants can use the Mock Shop API to build a prototype storefront without setting up a Shopify account. Merchants with a Shopify store can now connect their live product inventory to a Hydrogen app with a single command.

Home page of Hydrogen


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