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22 Free Web Design Elements, Winter 2017

Take advantage of free elements and tools from the design community to enhance your website or online project in 2017.

Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from winter 2017. There are designer and developer apps, fonts, icon sets, themes, and more. All of these elements are free.

Free Web Tools

F37 Foundry. F37 Foundry is a font foundry established by design studio Face37 in London. Designers can test typefaces, easily changing weight, size, and other features and see the immediate results.

F37 Foundry.

Material Design. Material Design is a unified system that combines theory, resources, and tools for crafting digital experiences. Visit its library of over 900 material icons. Create apps with modular and customizable user-interface components.

Material Design.

CSS Peeper. CSS Peeper is a CSS viewer tailored for designers. Get access to the useful styles with the Chrome extension. CSS Peeper lets designers focus on design and spend as little time as possible digging in a code.

CSS Peeper.

Vecteezy Editor. From the Vecteezy vector graphics network, the Vecteezy Editor is an easy-to-use editor for vector graphics. Use it to edit files before downloading them. Every vector is fully customizable. Easily change sizes, colors, fonts, and more.

Vecteezy Editor.

Type Nugget. Type Nugget is an online typesetting tool for fine control over a robust base of web type. Generate semantically sound and responsive type, as well as a stylesheet with a live browser preview, all without coding.

Type Nugget.

Yoga. Yoga is an open-source, cross-platform layout library. Yoga’s focus is on creating an expressive layout library, not implementing all of CSS. Therefore, there are no plans to include support for tables, floats, or similar CSS concepts. Yoga also does not support styling properties that have no impact on layout, such as color or background properties.


Free Fonts

Rimbo. Rimbo is a handwritten font that’s playful with a lot of personality. Rimbo gives a fun, comfortable, and personal touch to any project.


Unchained. Unchained is a font family forged in the prairies of the Wild West, bringing a genuine vintage feel to your design projects. It comes with seven typeface styles for the main font and four styles for the support one. Unchained offers the quality and variety of a high-end premium product.


Barking Cat. Barking Cat is a crunchy, hand-drawn font in 3D. It has contextual alternates and five versions of lowercase letters. Barking Cat makes text more lively and less like a typeface.

Barking Cat.

Zappat. Zappat is a new condensed sans serif font from Design A Lot. It comes in uppercase letters only, with a thick and solid style, working perfectly with headlines, logo design, and branding elements.


Uni Neue. Uni Neue free demo is а modern sans serif font with a distinctive character and geometric feel. The rounded corners give the typeface a friendly look, yet it retains a professional quality suitable for branding even the most serious corporate identities.

Uni Neue.

Podriq. Podriq is a fun, slender, and modern font. It includes A-Z in uppercase and lowercase, 0-9, punctuation marks, and common glyphs. The Podriq font family is made up of regular, thick, and thin.


Hype. Hype is a thick, simple, all-cap font that’s perfect for titles and banners.


Free Templates

Corporate Portfolio. Corporate Portfolio is a responsive WordPress theme with plenty of features, including multiple page templates, multiple blog layouts, several post formats, and more.

Corporate Portfolio.

Free UI Kit. This free user-interface kit was created as a Photoshop file during a hackathon at El Passion.

Free UI Kit.

Magnet Portfolio Template. Magnet is a new portfolio HTML template with minimalistic design, created to show your work. Easy to use and customize, it’s intended for digital professionals.

Magnet Portfolio Template.

Bold Blog Web Template. Here’s a simple home page template for a blog. It’s modeled to hold a lot of content, but also with a simple presentation.

Bold Blog Web Template.

Free Icon Sets

Evil Icons. Evil Icons is a free set of SVG icons for web projects. It’s available as a Ruby gem, a Node.js package, and Grunt-Gulp plugins. Evil Icons is free and licensed under MIT.

Evil Icons.

Iconify. Iconify is a set of over 650 free glyph icons.


90 Free Social Media Vector Icons. Here’s a useful set of social media icons.

90 Free Social Media Vector Icons.

Designer Flat Icon Pack. This flat icon pack is from, a partner of Premium Coding.

Designer Flat Icon Pack.

1000+ Vector Icon Set. Here’s a set of approximately 1,000 minimal vector icons.

1000+ Vector Icons.

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