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25 Top Amazon Marketplace Sellers Based on Number of Reviews

Reviewing the top sellers on Amazon’s marketplace could provide ideas on products, descriptions, and customer service.

Here is a list of top sellers on the Amazon marketplace based on the number of reviews. The data, from Marketplace Pulse, an analysis firm, is the number of reviews received by sellers from U.S. shoppers after a purchase in (i) the last 30 days and (ii) since the inception of the seller’s account.

The percentage of customers who leave a seller review ranges from 1 to 5 percent, depending on the product’s pricing and category, according to Marketplace Pulse, which also provides Amazon marketplace data for U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Japan, India, Italy, Spain, and Australia.

Top Sellers on Amazon

Pharmapacks offers a wide array of products in health and beauty aids, cosmetics, and medical supplies. 9,263 reviews in 30 days; 1,007,314 lifetime reviews.

Pharmapacks' feedback page on Amazon.

Pharmapacks’ feedback page on Amazon.

AnkerDirect sells computer accessories, such as USB chargers, portable chargers, and cables. 6,419 reviews in 30 days; 941,621 lifetime reviews.

EPFamily Direct sells products to organize the household and home office, including garment racks, cabinet racks, and bathroom organizers. 5,568 reviews in 30 days; 166,092 lifetime reviews.

Utopia Deals sells products in bedding and towels, home improvement, personal care and grooming, kitchen, and fitness. 4,916 reviews in 30 days; 360,493 lifetime reviews.

MetroDecor offers products to create and decorate functional environments in your home or business. 4,831 reviews in 30 days; 164,824 lifetime reviews.

MetroDecor's feedback page on Amazon.

MetroDecor’s feedback page on Amazon.

VM Express sells household goods — kitchen appliances, pet supplies, backyard pools, storage containers, and more. 4,453 reviews in 30 days; 261,283 lifetime reviews.

Zappos sells shoes, clothing, and accessories for a variety of brands, including Birkenstock, The North Face, UGG, Sorel, and J.Crew. 3,568 reviews in 30 days; 240,318 lifetime reviews.

iServe sells health supplements and personal care products from Owlet, Thorne Research, Garden of Live, and Yogi. 3,455 reviews in 30 days; 196,225 lifetime reviews.

Juvo+ offers products in home decor, clothing, toys, and games as well as custom designs for office and stationery products. 3,436 reviews in 30 days; 247,975 lifetime reviews.

Spigen sells its own branded cellphone cases, screen protectors, and cellphone accessories. 3,311 reviews in 30 days; 502,513 lifetime reviews.

Spigen's feedback page on Amazon.

Spigen’s feedback page on Amazon.

Decluttr Store is part of, a site for buying and selling refurbished technology. Its Amazon store sells used books and video games. 3,377 reviews in 30 days; 644,574 lifetime reviews.

Fintie sells stylish and quality products and accessories for tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. 3,200 reviews in 30 days; 631,054 lifetime reviews.

Orva Stores is the Amazon storefront for Orva, a retail chain in New York City and the northeastern U.S. It sells shoes, clothing, backpacks, water bottles, and kitchenware. 3,085 reviews in 30 days; 167,982 lifetime reviews.

Gorilla Commerce is the Amazon presence for an assortment of household brands, including Gorilla Grip, Sofa Shield, Kangaroo, Grip Master, Ninja, Gripmax, Mighty Monkey, and the Connecticut Home Company. 2,979 reviews in 30 days; 92,571 lifetime reviews.

6pm sells athletic apparel and accessories from leading brands. 2,978 reviews in 30 days; 363,241 lifetime reviews.

6pm's feedback page on Amazon.

6pm’s feedback page on Amazon.

Supershieldz offers screen protectors for smartphones, tablets, and computer screens. 3,016 reviews in 30 days; 275,833 lifetime reviews.

Etailz is a third-party seller and service provider, to help brands grow. Etailz sells an array of products, including computer accessories and dietary supplements. 2,952 reviews in 30 days; 711,709 lifetime reviews.

OnlinePrimeBrands sells health and beauty products from leading brands such as Nivea, Clairol Professional, and SuperNail. 2,943 reviews in 30 days; 151,523 lifetime reviews.

SportingDoc sells health and household supplies, such as body detox supplements and cleaning products. 2,806 reviews in 30 days; 214,570 lifetime reviews.

Recommerce sells health items, including vitamin supplements, sunscreen, and specialty foods, such as high-protein alternatives to pasta. 2,715 reviews in 30 days; 62,451 lifetime reviews.

Recommerce's feedback page on Amazon.

Recommerce’s feedback page on Amazon.

Prime Time Commerce primarily sells essential therapeutic oils, as well as specialty home health products, such as refrigerator water cartridges and hand sanitizer gels. 2,684 reviews in 30 days; 179,458 lifetime reviews.

Govee US is the authorized seller of Govee & Minger, dedicated to building smart home devices, including LED colored strip lights, car lights, thermometer hygrometer series, and colorful LED bulbs. 2,586 reviews in 30 days; 30,253 lifetime reviews.

Carlyle sells vitamins, supplements, and natural life-enhancing products. 2,461 reviews in 30 days; 32,228 lifetime reviews.

MyBatterySupplier offers a large selection of batteries from brands such as Duracell and Eveready. It has replacement batteries for cordless phones, watches, computers, and more. 2,515 reviews in 30 days; 369,711 lifetime reviews.

TCP Global Corp offers professional airbrush and paint products for a variety of industries and uses. It also offers exclusive brands for home products, such as U.S. Kitchen Supply and U.S. Pool Supply. 2,523 reviews in 30 days; 304,645 lifetime reviews.

TCP Global Corp's feedback page on Amazon.

TCP Global Corp’s feedback page on Amazon.

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