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30 Shipping Resources for Small Businesses

The major shipping organizations in the U.S. — UPS, DHL, FedEx and U.S. Postal Service — provide many easy-to-use online tools and resources to help small businesses meet their shipping needs. In addition to shipping-management tools, the carriers also provide educational resources, and helpful advice from small business specialists.

Here is a list of shipping resources from USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. There are small business and ecommerce solutions, shipping software tools, and many more resources to help.




Business Customer Gateway. This portal provides a single entry point for Postal Service online business services. Design and prepare your shipping, with tools like Intelligent Mail Small Business. Access mail and transport systems, get tracking and reporting tools, and find help at customer support.

Get Mailing & Shipping Supplies. Purchase mailing and shipping supplies. Get free flat rate envelopes, and more.

Ship Orders. Fulfill orders and complete transactions with shipping services. Use a shipping consolidator to fulfill orders or use digital tools and equipment to do it internally.

Click-N-Ship for Business. USPS Click-N-Ship for Business is free desktop software for any business that regularly ships with United States Postal Service. It combines labels and package management operations all in one convenient tool.

Ecommerce APIs. USPS Web Tools are application program interfaces (APIs) that can be leveraged on websites, in shipping operations, or by customer service centers, for no additional fee. Utilize the APIs for address information, delivery information, price calculation, shipping labels, carrier pickup, and more.

Shipping Systems Providers. Find shipping system software and hardware. USPS certifies shipping system providers to ensure the quality of available shipping systems.

Shipping Consolidators. Have someone else take care of your business shipping. Shipping consolidators can take care of business shipping from pickup and sorting, to transportation. Small to medium-level shippers can use shipping consolidators to get shipping discounts that they wouldn’t otherwise qualify for.

Get Training & Learn to Grow. The Postal Service offers training opportunities and assistance to anyone who wants to learn more about using the mail for cost-effective business growth.

A Customer’s Guide to Mailing. This guide will explain your options for mailing, including tips for frequent mailers and small businesses. Choose the services that are best for you.




Small Business Solutions. Access tools to manage small business shipping. Set pickups, monitor shipments, provide an easy-to-access returns process. Expand your business capabilities with advanced logistics. Get started by taking a logistics check-up.

Ecommerce. Put your business at an ecommerce advantage. Learn online basics to improve your customer’s experience. Use ready-to-go solutions to build your online presence. Sign up for the UPS Savings Program for Amazon Sellers, receive discount pricing on Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, or buy wholesale from China with AliExpress.

Track Your Shipments. Keep an eye on your shipments while they’re in transit, plus confirm delivery online. Confirmation tracking services can help you streamline your billing process and expedite payment to you.

UPS Billing Solutions. The UPS Billing Center lets you view and pay your invoices online. If you are interested in integration, choose one of the detailed electronic bill formats designed to help you analyze, allocate, and reconcile shipping charges.

UPS Capital Merchant Services. Get reliable electronic transfers of funds directly into your designated bank account, while giving your customers the convenience they expect. UPS has partnered with Paymentech, a provider of electronic payment solutions, to provide customizable, reliable tools that fit your business.

Integrating UPS Technology. Integrate UPS technology into your software. Find UPS Ready third-party solutions that fit your business needs. Provide your customers with the ability to ship products with the click of a button through the integration of UPS services in software and hardware solutions.

UPS Developer Kit. Integrate UPS functionality into your applications and business systems with UPS Developer Kit APIs.




Small Business Solutions. Learn how DHL can support you and how easy it is to start shipping. Browse through helpful advice and information on shipping and trading internationally.

Easy Shipping. These key tools help get your shipments moving to their destination: calculate shipping cost, choose a service, ship online, schedule a courier pickup, and more.

Business Across Borders. Get help not only with global customs requirements and trade terminology, but also with local import and export support and resources.

DHL Express Partnerships. Access DHL partnerships to support your business with specialty services, discounts, and solutions to benefit your company.

Country Facts. Learn about key countries. Get the knowledge and confidence to trade internationally, and understand the requirements of potential overseas customers. Select a country to learn the most important business facts.

Resource Center. Access advanced shipping solutions, integrated shipping solutions, country profiles and customs support, and helpful tools, such as currency and conversion calculators.

Shipping Advice. Get the facts upfront from delivery experts. Be prepared before you ship by checking weight, size, and commodity advice. Access help on the needs of small-and-medium sized businesses.




Small Business Shipping Solutions. Find solutions to help your small business ship within the U.S. and internationally. Schedule a pickup, get rates and transit times, find a location, order shipping supplies, and manage all your shipping activity. Choose from online tools, mobile applications, and integration services.

Ecommerce. Find the latest retail industry knowledge and best practices, case studies, exclusive white papers, and solution-finding tools to help you create a service “bundle” for your business.

Web Services. Regardless of the size of your business, you can integrate shipping, tracking, rating, and more into your website, without needing a developer. The Web Integration Wizard is a free web application that generates ready-to-use, customizable HTML code. The wizard handles the difficult aspects of developing and coding FedEx Web Services into a website.

Compatible Solutions Program. Established your ecommerce business, but looking to take it to the next level? Get a software solution with FedEx functionality already built in. Create shipping labels and manage shipments with the software you already use every day.

International Shipping Services. Choose from eight different ways to ship internationally. Use International Shipping 101: The Basics to get rates, create labels, find documents, and more. Get assistance on documents, duties and taxes. Use FedEx Electronic Trade Documents to submit and process all of your customs documentation electronically.

Promotions & Offers. Take advantage of special small business offers and promotions to save money. In addition, save with FedEx alliances with exclusive small business offers and discounts to help grow your business.

Ask FedEx. Watch these videos to learn how FedEx can help you grow your business. Find tips and resources to efficiently manage shipping, tracking, document printing, and more. Access Online Solutions for online ecommerce issues. Even submit a question online and a FedEx expert will respond with an answer.

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