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28 Helpful Marketing Tutorials for Facebook

Facebook Blueprint offers free courses and learning paths about marketing on Facebook and its platforms, including Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. For small businesses interested in growing their brands, Blueprint offers tutorials and courses for beginners and advanced learners and even certification for experts.

Here is a list of recent tutorials for Facebook. Browse tutorials from a range of topics or learning paths that align with your business goals. All you need to sign up for Blueprint is a Facebook account.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint

Getting Started with Facebook

Business Manager gives an introduction and set-up guide to manage Facebook and share your assets across your team and external partners.

Getting Started With Facebook and Partner Measurement Solutions will help you understand Ad Insights. Learn to deliver accurate insights, determine what provides the best value on and off Facebook platforms, and see how Facebook measurement partners can help you.

Use Facebook Groups to Engage Your Audience explores the primary function of Groups and explains how to create and manage a community.

A Beginner’s Guide for Facebook Marketing Partners’ Sales and Marketing shows how to partner with Facebook and use the Marketing Partner program.


Create Facebook Ads provides an introduction to Ads Manager (the ads creation tool for Facebook), Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Learn to create, publish, and purchase ads on the Facebook family of apps and services.

Campaign Performance with Ads Manager shows how to navigate Ads Manager and explores the dashboard controls, metrics, and reporting functions.

Optimize Campaigns with A/B Testing explores how A/B tests work, when to use them, and how to identify actionable results.

Reach and Frequency Campaigns shows how to buy ads and run campaigns using Reach and Frequency, to connect with your target audience and control the message frequency of your campaigns.

Ad Auction and Delivery Overview explores Facebook’s auction system to maximize advertiser value and optimize the consumer experience. Explore how winning ads get selected and make it to the right audience at the right time.

Facebook Ad Delivery System explains Facebook’s ad auction, advertiser controls, pacing, and the impact on delivery.

Introduction to Ad Billing and Payments teaches how to add a campaign budget, use tools to control your ad spend, understand when you’ll be charged for ads, and edit your billing and payments settings in Ads Manager.

Targeting Audiences

Targeting Core Audiences helps you understand how to reach prospects and understand the difference between Core, Custom, and Lookalike audiences.

Targeting Custom Audiences explores how to build and use Custom Audiences to deliver the right targeted message.

Targeting Lookalike Audiences shows how to deliver ads to people who share demographics and behaviors with your current customers and subscribers.

Reach Your Audience on Facebook Platforms shows how to define an audience on Facebook. Learn about the capabilities and limitations of targeting on Facebook.

Audience Insights explores how to obtain metrics on your audience and customers.

Brand Awareness

Brand Best Practices shows how to plan and run Brand Campaigns. Explore creative development, insights and targeting, and measuring your results.

Brand Safety Across the Facebook Family of Apps and Services gives an overview of community standards, content guidelines, enforcement policies, and advertiser tools to help brands feel safe when advertising on Facebook.

Delivering Content

Optimizing Video for Mobile helps you design videos to capture attention quickly. Learn how to frame your ads for mobile, design for sound-off viewing, and explore mobile ad options.

Creative Planning for Formats and Placements gives an overview of all Facebook ad formats and placements for your campaign planning. See case studies of different experiences.

Stories School: Tips & Tricks for Organic Stories explores the creative features to build and share Stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

Managing on Facebook

Define a Measurable Business Goal explores best practices in setting business goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Develop a Hypothesis to Test shows how to compose a strong hypothesis and how to test multiple variables at once for actionable insights.

Align KPIs with Business Goals explores how to identify a key performance indicator to align with a business goal. Learn to identify primary and secondary KPIs.

Business Manager: Billing, Payments and Tax Information shows how to view and manage billing, payments, and tax information when using Business Manager to manage an ad account.

Deliver Actionable Media Recommendations shows, through a series of case studies, how insights lead to data-driven recommendations.

Measurement Opportunities explores how and when to test and retest a hypothesis.

Drive Sales on Marketplace addresses practices for growing your business through Marketplace, Facebook’s shopping platform for buying, selling, and discovering new and used products.

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