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32 Marketing Tutorials for Facebook, Instagram

While Facebook is not yet a full-fledged ecommerce platform, its ability to help businesses connect with fans is huge. For example, a mom’s Facebook Live video went viral after she tried on a Chewbacca mask she had purchased at Kohl’s. It’s the most watched Facebook Live video ever, with over 150 million views. Kohl’s quickly responded with its own video, and with dropping off Star Wars toys and gadgets for the entire family.

Mom's viral video on Facebook.

A mom’s viral video on Facebook.

For small businesses interested in using Facebook to grow their brands, the social network has a large collection of helpful tutorials and webinars. There are basic and advanced tutorials in Facebook’s Blueprint eLearning Courses, using the Exceed Learning Management System, with courses on Instagram as well as Facebook. There are also excellent up-close videos with some of the brightest creatives and publishers around in Facebook’s “Pub in Pub” series.

Blueprint eLearning Courses

Blueprints Courses.

Blueprint Courses.

Welcome to Marketing on Facebook. Learn how businesses can use Facebook to connect with real people and build connections through photos, videos, and ads. See how successful brands leverage the relationships built on Facebook to drive results.

SMB Fast Track. Build your business by advertising on Facebook. This tutorial will quickly show you how to create a business Page and how to create ads to help promote your business.

Brand Best Practices. This guide will show you how successful integration of Facebook’s tools can build brand awareness and ensure your message reaches your desired audience.

Ads Manager. Ads Manager is where you can view, edit, and access performance reports for all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

A/B Testing. A/B testing can help you compare the performance of two different ads for the same campaign. Take advantage of Facebook’s ad optimizer to identify ads delivering the best results.

Successful Campaigns Best Practices. Learn what makes a successful Facebook campaign, and learn how campaign goals play a vital role in many Facebook success stories.

Marketing API Introduction Webinar. This webinar is an introduction to the Facebook’s marketing API. Learn about the features and capabilities for advanced advertisers.

Direct Response Best Practices. Whether you’re driving signups on your website, sales in store, or installs for your mobile app, this tutorial introduces you to the products that can help drive your business objectives.

Messenger Best Practices Webinar. Learn how to best use messaging as a communication channel for your business. This webinar shares recommendations and best practices on using messaging for your page.

Free and Simple Tools to Create Facebook Ads on Mobile. Creating and editing images for your ads doesn’t have to require heavy production. This guide introduces timesaving tools and apps on your mobile phone to help you turn your product photos into beautiful ad creatives.

Creative Tips for the Carousel Format Webinar. Hear Facebook’s Creative Shop share tips for designing beautiful and engaging creative for the carousel format across Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.

Reach and Frequency Buying on Facebook. Learn how reach and frequency buying enable you to predictably reach a significant number of people in your target audience and control message frequency of your ad campaigns, similar to how you might buy television ads.

Build Your Brand with Reach and Frequency Webinar. This webinar teaches how to buy and plan your campaigns with reach and frequency to predictably reach a significant number of people and control message frequency on Facebook and Instagram.

Turn Shoppers into Buyers with Dynamic Ads. Dynamic ads help you create personalized ads that you can deliver to the right person at the right time. This solution automatically generates ads based on the products people have browsed on your website or app.

Optimal Brand Bidding Webinar: Buying Facebook ads the right way for your brand. Watch this webinar to help you build your brand effectively on Facebook and bid the right way.

Introduction to Instagram. Learn the best practices for getting started and creating your presence on Instagram.

Getting the Most Out of Instagram and Facebook Together Webinar. Learn about the benefits of running ads across Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network together. Review the advantages of advertising across all three platforms, including incremental reach and better performance.

Instagram for Business. On Instagram, your message reaches consumers where they follow their passions and explore the world through imagery. Learn how you might share the story of your business.

How To Buy Instagram Ads. Learn how to buy Instagram ads on our easy buying interfaces.

Instagram Buying Objectives. Whether you are looking to drive traffic to your site, increase video views, app installs, or drive engagement and conversion towards a sale, Instagram ads can help you to achieve your business objective.

Pub in Pub – Season 1 (on Facebook)

Pub in Pub - Season 1.

Pub in Pub – Season 1.

Episode 1: Droga5’s Ted Royer talks Facebook and “No Bollocks.” Ted Royer, chief creative officer of Droga5, an advertising agency, talks about Facebook and advertising, including the “No Bollocks” campaign for Newcastle Ale.

Episode 2: Razorfish’s Alex Bodman on Instagram and the Surprising Power of Cargo Mats. Hear how Alex Bodman with Razorfish, a marketing agency, and his team used Instagram to launch the Mercedes-Benz GLA without relying on one of the oldest clichés of auto advertising: pictures of cars.

Episode 3: Craig Brommers on Abercrombie & Fitch’s Digital Evolution. Learn how an iconic Abercrombie & Fitch reinvented its 20-year brand legacy using Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 4: Prudential and Droga5 Talk Brand-Agency Relationships and Storytelling on Facebook. Hear from Kevin Brady from Droga5 and Niharika Shah, vice president of brand strategy and planning at Prudential, about the merits of “healthy tension” in the brand-agency relationship and the power of using Facebook to tell stories over time.

Episode 5: VML’s Chris Corley on Wendy’s, Burgers, and the Magic of Mispronunciation. Chris Corley, group creative director at VML, a marketing agency, shares how the “Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs” campaign helped Wendy’s spark one of the most successful product launches in its history.

Episode 6: Wieden+Kennedy’s Colleen DeCourcy on Brands “Behaving Like Humans.” Colleen DeCourcy discusses the thinking behind the Coca-Cola campaign she calls “the loudest quiet campaign ever.”

Pub in Pub – Season 2 (on Instagram)

Pub in Pub - Season 2.

Pub in Pub – Season 2.

Episode 1: Brock Davis on Brands Letting Their Hair Down. Brock Davis from ad agency space150 discusses the “secret sauce” to success on Instagram.

Episode 2: Jason Peterson on Joining the Instagram Party. Hear Jason Peterson, of Havas Worldwide Chicago, an ad agency, explain his theory on how brands must learn to speak “the language of the party” to connect with people on Instagram.

Episode 3: Jessica Walsh on Getting People to Stop Scrolling. Hear from Jessica Walsh, partner at marketing agency Sagmeister & Walsh, on how she uses Instagram to test creative ideas and get real-time feedback on her work.

Episode 4: Birdy Ben on Bringing Playful Animation to Instagram Feeds. See some of Birdy Ben’s best-known Instagram work and hear him explain how his animation of the letter V for an Instagram event introduced people to his creative studio.

Episode 5: Andrew Zolty on the Creative Potential of the Instagram API. Hear what Andrew Zolty, co-founder of Breakfast, a marketing firm that utilizes custom robotics and devices, has to say about the power of the Instagram API, which allows developers to access and use public Instagram content for projects like the one Zolty did with Forever 21.

Episode 6: Alice Gao on Making a Big Impact in a Small Space. In photographer’s Alice Gao’s work shooting for different brands, she’s encountered all kinds of challenges, including how to make photos of a luxury car feel personal and how to tell a brand’s story in four images or less.

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