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35 Android Apps to Run Your Business

In this mobile world, iPhone gets all the love. There are over 400,000 different apps for Apple’s iOS, compared to approximately 200,000 apps for Google’s Android OS. However, according to a recent study by mobile analytics group Distimo, there are now more free apps available for Android than the iPhone — 134,342 to 121,845.

Here is a list of mobile apps for Android phones. Most of theses apps are free. There are business and productivity apps, communication and networking apps, and security apps. In short here is most everything you need to run your business from your Android phone.

Documents and Files

  1. Documents To Go. View MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go. Supported formats include .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and .pptx. View PDFs. Edit your files from your Google Docs account directly in Docs To Go. Purchase the full version to edit and create. Price: Free; Full version is $14.99.

    Documents To Go app screenshot.

    Documents To Go app screenshot.

  2. ezPDF Reader. A multimedia PDF viewer for audio, video, and TTS (text-to-speech). Use annotation features to add text boxes, sticky notes, underlines, cross outs, shapes and freehand. Features search and select text, auto-fit zoom, intuitive bookmarking, hyperlinks, dynamic navigation, and more. Price: $1.99.
  3. Epistle. A very simple text editor that can sync all your notes with Dropbox (see below). Price: Free.
  4. Dropbox. A file management app that lets you transfer and access files from any computer or mobile device running Dropbox. Drag and drop files into the 2GB of free file storage, access those files from any of the Dropbox running devices. Price: Free.
  5. Wyse PocketCloud. Access any of your desktop computers remotely — PC or Mac — over WiFi or 3G and 4G networks. Engage multimedia, files and applications from your Android phone. Price: Basic is free; Full version is $14.99.
  6. Astro File Manager. This is an app to manage all files and applications. Also functions as a backup application and task manager. Price: Free.

    Productivity Tools

  7. Dolphin Browser. A robust browser with multi-tab browsing, bookmarking, syncing, and multi-touch commands. Supports dozens of add-ons. Price: Free.
  8. Evernote. A mobile notepad app that’s not just for text, but also photos and voice dictation. Take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders. All are completely searchable. Price: Free.



  9. Voice Recorder. A voice-recording app. Record freely or have timed recordings with pre-set limits. Works hand-in-hand with a user’s Gmail address so the MP3 file generated from the recording is emailed directly to, and stored within, the user’s Gmail account. Price: Free.
  10. Remember The Milk. A task management app. Get alerts when tasks are due, via email, SMS, and instant messenger. The app sends alerts when users are geographically near a location where a task needs to be completed. Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, and more. Price: Free.
  11. Jorte. This calendar app displays in a monthly or weekly view. Features importing/exporting to-do data, control with Google Voice and interaction with Google Maps, and synchronizing with Google calendar. Price: Free.
  12. Google Reader. A full-fledged app for Google Reader. Follow all your favorite news, sites or blogs all in one place. Discover and search for feeds. Syncs with web version, so all your reading lists are up to date. Price: Free.

    Business Tools

  13. Google Search. Search the web, as well as your phone, with the official Google Search app. Get search results as you type. Price: Free.
  14. DroidAnalytics. Analyze your Google Analytics data on your Android phone. App seeks to give you a fast intuitive way to visualize analytics. See daily, weekly and yearly stats for your page views, visitors, visits, bounce rate, time, and page per visit. Price: $3.49.
  15. Intuit GoPayment.
    With the Intuit GoPayment app, use your phone to take payments at expos, tradeshows and conferences. Swipe cards with the card reader. Customers can sign a touch screen to authorize their transactions. You can email receipts to customers at point of sale. GoPayment can sync with QuickBooks. Price: Free app and free card reader; Pricing for plan varies.
  16. Package Tracker Pro. This app lets you track packages with over 20 carries, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, and many more. Features notification alert options, sync tracking without typing on phone, and package route map display. Price: $1.99.

    Package Tracker Pro.

    Package Tracker Pro.

  17. Google Maps. Along with the classic map application, Google Maps now contains Google Latitude, a geolocation feature. It enables you to share your location with others, such as co-workers or clients, as well as see their locations. Check in at places to let others know you’ve arrived. Share, set, or hide your location at any time. Price: Free.
  18. Barcode Scanner. A straight scanner. Handles both UPC and QR codes. Share contacts, apps, and bookmarks via QR code. Price: Free.
  19. Expense Manager. This is an app to manage your expenses on the go. Track expenses and incomes by week, month and year, as well as by category. Schedule payments and recurring payments. Get payment alerts. Import and export account activities, and edit expense categories. Price: Free.
  20. CamCard. This address book app works in conjunction with the phone’s built-in camera. Snap a picture of a business card and the application automatically translates and imports all the contact information — name, phone numbers, emails and addresses — into the address book, sorted and ready to use. Price: Free; Full is $11.99.
  21. Google Translate. Translate text into 57 different languages. Use the voice recognition software, speak the text and have it translated into 15 different languages. Listen to accurate pronunciation of translated text in 23 different languages and copy and paste translated text and send it as an email. Price: Free.
  22. HandyCalc. A calculator app with automatic suggestion and solving. Features currency and unit conversion, and graph. Price: Free.

    HandyCalc app screenshot.

    HandyCalc app screenshot.

  23. Unit Converter. A simple unit converter, with currency conversions. Includes a favorites list for common conversions. Price: Free.


  24. Google Voice. Make cheap international calls with your Google number. Send free text messages. Place calls and send text messages showing your Google number. Listen to voice mail and read transcripts. Price: Free.
  25. Google Buzz. Google Buzz for mobile lets you post real-time geotagged updates to your Google Buzz feed that show up on Google’s mobile maps. Used in conjunction with Latitude, this is an excellent resource for collaboration among team members. Buzz uses your location to identify places around you. Select a location and tag it to your posts, or read what peers have posted about it. Price: Free.
  26. Meebo IM. Chat on multi-protocol instant-messaging networks, including AIM, MAN, Yahoo!, MySpace, Google Talk, Jabber, and ICQ. Use a Meebo account and your IM history will be saved for you to access from any computer. Price: Free.
  27. GO SMS Pro. A fast and convenient SMS/MMS experience. More than a stock messaging app. It features chat/list style, pop-ups, backup/restore, scheduler, encryption, many themes, and more. Solid replacement for default messaging app. Price: Free.
  28. Tango. Tango allows you to make free phone and video calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. Automatically checks your contacts and finds who you can Tango. Start call-in audio and switch to video mid-call when there is something to show. Price: Free.

    Tango app screenshot.

    Tango app screenshot.

  29. K-9 Mail. An open-source email client to replace Android’s default email. K-9 is focused on chewing through large volumes of email. Supports standard protocols such as IMAP and POP3, with search, push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, signatures, bcc-self and more. Price: Free.

    Social Networking

  30. Facebook. Stay connected with your Fans on Facebook. Share status updates, news feed, upcoming events and user info. Share links, check messages. Price: Free.
  31. Twitter. Send an instant update to your followers. Get timely information from the people you follow. Direct messages, share videos and web pages, view maps, tweet, retweet, and follow. Price: Free.
  32. TweetDeck. Manage your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Google Buzz accounts — all in one place. Track replies, comments, likes and retweets. Live geodata shows you the tweets and check-ins all around you. Price: Free.
    TweetDeck app screenshot.

    TweetDeck app screenshot.


  33. Webroot Mobile Security. This app protects your smartphone data from theft. Features automated security scans, as well as lost-device protection to remotely lock or wipe phone data if phone is lost or stolen. The app can also send you a Google Map link with your phone’s location in it. Also, app can also block unwanted calls and messages. Price: Basic is free; Full version is $14.99.
  34. Easy Filter Call Blocker & SMS. Block unwanted SMS and phone calls. Add numbers or contacts to blacklist. Choose what to do when a call comes in. Keep records of what’s being blocked. Features include filter records and auto-response. Price: Free.

    Easy Filter Call Blocker & SMS app screenshot.

    Easy Filter Call Blocker & SMS app screenshot.

  35. Application Protection. Protect your private app and data on your phone by enabling a passcode system. Price: Free.
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