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4 WordPress Maintenance Companies, to Help Site Owners

WordPress ecommerce owners must keep their sites updated and maintained. Over the past few years, services have sprung up to address this problem. Whether you’re a site owner with no developer on staff, or a developer that needs more manpower, the following companies offer packages to keep everything running smoothly.

I asked three questions to the company founders to understand each service.

  • How would you sum up your services versus other WordPress maintenance companies?
  • Do you support all WordPress ecommerce requests or just certain ones?
  • What types of tasks should WordPress ecommerce site managers outsource to your company?

1. WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer was founded in early 2012 out of the need of founder Andy Stratton’s clients for a less expensive monthly retainer plan. The company focuses on maintenance, security, backups, and support for WordPress sites. Price: $99 per month.

Founder Andy Stratton provided these details of his company’s services.

  • He summed up his service as “comprehensive, capable and efficient. We tend to be a bit more expensive but have had instances where clients have signed up with us while with lower cost competitors to get resolution to an issue after a month or more of competitors attempting to make progress. We’re a small but strong team of experienced developers. No one is entry or junior level at WP Maintainer.”
  • On handling ecommerce requests: “We have capabilities to implement just about any WordPress-based ecommerce solution and can forward extremely customized requests to our parent agency, Sizeable Interactive. We work primarily with WooCommerce and integrations, maintenance, and updates.”
  • “We manage updates, security, backups and maintenance — all crucial for any site that’s supporting ecommerce, revenue goals, or simply branding and lead generation. We also can integrate plugins, extensions, design tweaks, and help sites realize their day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month goals.”

2. WP Curve

WP Curve

WP Curve

WP Curve offers WordPress services for an unlimited number of 30-minute jobs in a month. Price: Monthly plans require no contracts, and range from $69 to $99.

Founder Dan Norris explained more about his company’s service.

  • “We offer 24/7 unlimited support and small fixes (up to 30 minutes). We were the first to offer this. As far as I know, we are still the only one that can truly offer 24/7 support with a team of 16 full time people in 10 cities.”
  • On handling ecommerce requests, “Anything we can do inside 30 minutes is covered. We love WooCommerce and have a lot of customers using it.”
  • Common projects include “all of the typical sorts of jobs for normal site owners like speeding up the site, setting up analytics, fixing bugs, upgrading plugins, and doing backups. In addition, we are regularly suggesting WooCommerce add-ons and installing and configuring them.”

3. Maintainn



Maintainn was founded in 2012 and offers monthly plans and one-time WordPress fixes. Price: Plans range from $39 to $289 per month, including custom plans. Enterprise plans support up to five sites.

Founder Shayne Sanderson offered these additional details.

  • “We treat each client’s site as if it were our own and take care of them accordingly. We have a ridiculous amount of talent on staff and we just take care of people.”
  • “WordPress ecommerce is something we know well and we support it fully. The only limitation is the amount of support and development time available each month on a particular plan. We have something in the works (coming in the next few months) that will make WordPress ecommerce site owners very happy.”
  • “We handle a variety of tasks, so if it’s WordPress-related we can do it. Most clients love having us available so they can focus on their business and leave the technical and development work to us.”

4. WP-Monitor



Hector Torres, a designer and developer who realized more companies needed to keep their sites maintained, created WP-Monitor. Price: Four packages, ranging from $20 to $99 per month.

Torres described his company’s services.

  • “WP-Monitor is the complete WordPress Maintenance service; we offer more features than any other WP service.”
  • On ecommerce tasks, “Three of our plans, starting with the $49 per-month plan, offer a certain number of manual changes. For example, the $49 plan offers two manual changes per month. Those changes include ecommerce changes, such as adding a product, changing a product’s price, and changing a product’s image.”
Joe Robison

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  1. Debbie Campbell July 17, 2014 Reply

    Good article on a growing industry. I also own a new WordPress maintenance and support company, WP Minder ( If you do a followup I’d appreciate it if you would check it out as well. Thanks.

  2. Mary July 18, 2014 Reply

    Great Work about WordPress Maintenance Companies , thanks for sharing Joe Robison

  3. Paul Thomas-Peter July 28, 2014 Reply

    Hi Joe,
    Nice article and good questions to the companies.
    As a freelancer I’ve found that outsourcing the necessary maintenance of WordPress sites is something my customers have started to ask for more and more so I’m launching WP Techworks here in the UK (

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  7. Neil July 27, 2015 Reply

    WordPress maintenance definitely seems to be a rapidly growing market. I have to say though, the level of service from a few providers I’ve tried has really disappointed me.

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  10. Scott March 22, 2016 Reply

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