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5 Content Marketing Ideas for February 2016

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it is filled with events and holidays that are opportunities for content marketers.

Content marketing is the act of creating, publishing, and distributing content — articles, podcasts, videos — for the purpose of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. In February, content marketers have at least five opportunities: Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Super Bowl 50, World Cancer Day, and the Oscars.

1. Valentine’s Day: February 14

ThinkGeek has a simple Valentine's Gift Guide already on its site.

ThinkGeek has a simple Valentine’s Gift Guide already on its site.

Beyond roses and boxes of assorted chocolates, Valentine’s Day can be a significant opportunity for online retailers. American couples spend about $200 each exchanging gifts — males will spend about twice as much as females — making the holiday an important one for retailers.

Content marketing published around this lovers’ holiday might have one of two aims. First, online stores could simply seek relationships with customers. Second, content may be used to win Valentine’s Day sales.

Companies featuring products that do not make for great Valentine’s Day presents — think fishing lures or building supplies — may opt for the first approach.

One option could be to feature love stories about important customers. These stories could take a couple of forms. Marketers might publish the customer’s own love stories. describing how the featured customers met and what makes their relationship special. You could hold an online contest asking customers to submit their love stories. Pick a few compelling stories, and contact the customers for an interview.

For the second option, content marketers have several options.

  • Publish a Valentine’s gift guide.
  • Feature a vendor’s story as it relates to specific Valentine’s gifts.
  • Make suggestions for a Valentine’s date night that integrates presents.

2. Presidents’ Day: February 15

Presidents’ Day is a popular holiday for retailers. Many chain stores will feature special Presidents’ Day sales and discounts.

President George Washington's birthday helped lead to Presidents' Day as we currently celebrate it.

President George Washington’s birthday helped lead to Presidents’ Day as we currently celebrate it.

The holiday is also an opportunity for content marketing. In fact, nearly any historic holiday can be an opportunity for content marketers to simply describe the holiday’s origin. An article or video about Presidents’ Day could tell a story about the leaders it is meant to honor or explain why the holiday is celebrated in February.

An historic approach is the tip of the proverbial iceberg for content marketing. Consider these examples of what an online retailer’s marketing department might publish.

  • “Presidents Day Whimsy – I Wish These 5 Presidents Used Twitter”
  • “3 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know about Presidents’ Day”
  • “A history of our weirdest federal holiday: Presidents’ Day”

This sort of approach to content marketing is really a form of journalism. In years past, retailers purchased advertisements in newspapers and magazines because they wanted those ads to appear next to stories — content that people wanted to read. Now, rather than buying an ad, retailers are creating the content.

3. Super Bowl: February 7

On Sunday, February 7, 2016, the Carolina Panthers will play the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Something like 115 million people will watch the game live. Millions will hold a Super Bowl party.

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events in the United States.

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events in the United States.

Anytime that you have an event capture a nation’s imagination in the way that this one does, it creates opportunities for content marketing. For example, marketers could publish Super Bowl-related how-to articles or videos, like these.

  • “10 Tips for Your Super Bowl Party”
  • “Build a DIY Super Bowl Home Theater for $100”
  • “How to Set Up a Super Bowl Pool”
  • “5 Fantastic Super Bowl Party Recipes”
  • “How to Throw an Awesome, but Inexpensive, Super Bowl Party”

Ecommerce content marketers can also publish articles and videos that simply seek to inform or entertain readers.

  • “5 Big Problems the Carolina Panthers Face”
  • “The Plumbers Guide to Super Bowl 50”
  • “50 Super Bowl Facts That Will Change the Way You Watch the Game”

4. World Cancer Day: February 4

World Cancer Day seeks to unite us in the fight against cancer, which kills more than 8 million people annually.

In February, content marketers can help encourage participation in World Cancer Day and do something that can genuinely inform and inspire.

5. The Academy Awards: February 28

The Oscars is another February event that could represent an opportunity for content marketers.

The Oscars is another February event that could represent an opportunity for content marketers.

The Oscars or Academy Awards honor achievements in the American film industry. The ceremony has been held annually since 1929. It lets viewers learn more about the celebrities behind the year’s most popular movies.

For content marketers promoting retail websites, Oscar-related products could include:

  • Describe the products used or seen in films;
  • Feature the clothing or footwear worn in popular movies;
  • Discuss how products play important roles in film;
  • Offer interesting alternatives to products in movies.
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