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5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Product Descriptions

If you’re doing business online, chances are you know other companies selling similar, if not identical items. With that in mind, how can you differentiate your products from those of the competition? Aside from your overall themes and branding messages, are there other ways to entice customers to choose your products or services over what other companies are selling?

Yes, there are. One way is by injecting more personality into your product descriptions.

Benefits of Crafting Great Product Descriptions

Improving your product pages can help your site rank better on search results. Unique content is always better in the eyes of Google and having creative product descriptions and images will increase your chances of getting backlinks from other websites.

Additionally, consumers do a lot of research when shopping online. They typically visit several websites to compare products, prices, and reviews. If your product pages are not unique, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of other generic pages.

Don’t let this happen to you. Optimize your product pages for engagement and conversion by writing unique and professional copy. Below are five ideas to help write better product descriptions.

1. Understand your Target Customer

Before typing a single line of web copy you need to know your target customer. Who is your target customer? In what age bracket do your customers fall into? What kind of language do they use?

Find answers to these questions and incorporate them into your product descriptions. For instance, if the data tells you to use informal, relaxed language, then do so. Are you targeting middle-aged professionals? Then perhaps a smarter, more authoritative voice should be used in your text.

Whatever the case may be, write your product descriptions for just one type of audience. Avoid the temptation of producing content geared towards everyone at once. That’s how bland and generic web copy is born.

Write engaging product descriptions.

Write engaging product descriptions.

2. Write Unique Copy

Pay close attention to every product description on your site. Don’t just take what the manufacturer sent you. Also avoid copying what other people are doing. Remember, Google punishes duplicate content. So by simply using what other sites already have, you’re not just being a drag to your customers, you’re also ruining your chances of securing a higher spot in search results.

3. Emphasize the Benefits

Features tell, benefits sell. While it’s acceptable to list the features of your product, also include the benefits to the consumer. This helps your merchandise be more enticing because you’re allowing shoppers to get a better idea of how they can use the product and how it can make their lives better.

Companies selling Ibuprofen for instance, don’t highlight the fact that their product has isobutylphenyl and propionic acid. Instead, they say that their product treats headaches, toothaches, migraines, and other aches and pains.

Write about the product's benefits.

Write about the product’s benefits.

4. Encourage Ratings and Reviews

Having genuine product reviews on your site makes you look more credible — for customers and search engines.

From a consumer’s perspective, seeing ratings and reviews helps her make a decision and determine if a product is right. Moreover, reviews keep shoppers on your site longer and give them the opportunity to look around and browse other products.

5. Include Beautiful Images

Product descriptions aren’t just about text. Images play a big part in converting shoppers too. Avoid using the generic product photos sent by the manufacturer. Your goal here is to stand out, not blend in with the rest of the stores in your niche.

Take product photos in unique, but not distracting, settings. Does the item come in different colors? Have photos of the other varieties as well. Capture each item from various angles and allow users to zoom in and out.

Use beautiful product photography.

Use beautiful product photography.

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