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5 Content Marketing Ideas for October 2023

October 2023 offers content marketers many topic ideas, including Disney’s 100th anniversary, breast cancer awareness, the baseball playoffs, Halloween, and “War of the Worlds.”

Content marketing is creating, publishing, and promoting content such as articles or videos to attract, engage, and retain customers.

While marketing is a must for ecommerce companies, the steady pace of content production can feel like a hamster on a wheel.

What follows are five content marketing ideas your company can use in October 2023.

1. Disney’s 100th Anniversary

When it comes to cultural impact and sheer entertainment prowess, few companies hold a candle to Disney.

October 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the company that Walter Elias Disney and his brother Roy founded. From a humble studio in Los Angeles producing a series of short films featuring a lucky rabbit named Oswald, Disney has grown into a global behemoth, shaping the childhoods and imaginations of countless individuals worldwide.

An AI-generated image of Mickey Mouse.

Disney and its iconic Mikey Mouse have strongly influenced U.S. culture.

Throughout its century-long journey, Disney has introduced us to many iconic characters — from the ever-optimistic Mickey Mouse to the adventurous Moana. It’s more than just animation. Disney’s repertoire spans theme parks, music, television, and even streaming with Disney+. And let’s not forget that Disney now owns Marvel Studios and the Star Wars film franchise.

Even businesses that do not sell Disney-licensed products can create content that recognizes the cultural impact. Here are some content angles to consider:

Values and lessons. Explore the life lessons and moral values of Disney characters and movies.

Music and influence. Music and instrument retailers could celebrate the power of Disney’s musical legacy. A music store might discuss how Disney has impacted the music world or provide tutorials on playing popular Disney songs.

Innovation and vision. Disney has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in entertainment. Shops selling consumer electronics or software could connect the dots between Disney’s innovation and consumer goods.

Magic and everyday life. Delve into the essence of Disney magic and how it can apply to daily situations or challenges. For instance, a home decor brand might offer tips on bringing a touch of Disney enchantment into households without resorting to character merchandise.

Recent controversy. Creating content around Disney’s current cultural controversies can make sense for some brands. The company has taken a strong stand in favor of LGBTQIA causes. For some, this is a matter of celebration.

By intertwining the enduring legacy of Disney with universal themes, content marketers can craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, all while celebrating the House of Mouse’s landmark anniversary.

2. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States and is a significant concern worldwide.

Photo of a middle-aged female

Breast cancer is a topic that impacts everyone, making it worthwhile for content marketing.

Initiated in 1985 through a collaboration between Imperial Chemical Industries (then a cancer drug manufacturer) and the American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has played a pivotal role in enlightening countless Americans about the disease. This awareness drive has substantially boosted donations and bolstered support for research into breast cancer.

Content marketing articles, videos, or podcasts could celebrate breast cancer survivors, describe how a specific industry has contributed to breast cancer research, or focus on gift ideas for breast cancer survivors.

Here are some ideas.

  • Apparel retailer: “A Wear Pink Wardrobe Guide.”
  • Men’s brand: “Understand Your Partner’s Risks. A Breast Cancer Awareness Guide.”
  • An outfitter: “10 Ways to Celebrate Life Outdoors for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

3. Baseball Playoffs

In the United States and Canada, 30 Major League Baseball teams will begin the drive toward the annual championship when the playoffs commence on October 3, 2023.

Photo of a baseball team from the first World Series

The 2023 baseball playoffs will start just as we remember the 120th anniversary of the first modern World Series.

Baseball is a significant part of the national psyche. October’s crisp weather and the importance of the playoff stir even marginal fans to watch, listen, and — importantly for content marketers — search for baseball-related content.

In 2023, there may be even more interest in the playoffs since October is also the 120th anniversary of the modern World Series.

Played in 1903 between the American League champion Boston Americans and the National League champion Pittsburgh Pirates, this first series laid the foundation for the present playoff system.

The best-of-nine-game series ultimately went to the Boston Americans — five games to three — but the opener on October 1, 1903, went to the Pirates 7-3.

For content marketing purposes, online sellers might address:

  • The history of baseball or the World Series,
  • How to throw a watch party,
  • How to decorate.

Any article or video should include references to relevant products for sale.

4. Halloween

As October’s chill grows, retailers are in full swing, capitalizing on the spirit of Halloween.

Ideally, planning and execution for Halloween-centric content commenced during August or September. But, for those catching up, there’s still time for some 11th-hour Halloween content.

AI-generated photo of a young girl with a brightly-colored custome.

Halloween has become vital for many online retailers.

The stakes are high, and for a good reason. According to the National Retail Federation, U.S. Halloween retail sales hit $10.6 billion in 2022, a 5% increase from 2021. Many observers anticipate 2023 sales to reach $10.8 billion, underscoring not only the commercial importance of the holiday but also the amazing appetite consumers have for Halloween-themed content, products, and experiences.

For retailers racing against the clock, here are some last-minute content ideas:

Home decor on a dime. Describe inexpensive crafts and decorating tips that transform everyday household items into Halloween masterpieces. Showcase how a simple white sheet or a few craft supplies can convert a living space into a haunted haven.

Costumes in a crunch. Feature innovative last-minute costume ideas using common wardrobe staples — and a few products from your inventory.

Quick and quirky recipes. Delight foodies with quick-fix Halloween recipes. Whether whipping up a guacamole dip or crafting mummy-inspired hot dogs, highlight how creativity can lead to festive treats in no time. Be sure to pitch your store’s products in context.

5. War of the Worlds

October 30, 2023, marks the 85th anniversary of Orson Welles’s legendary “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast. Back in 1938, countless U.S. households were plunged into panic, believing that Martians had indeed begun their invasion of Earth.

AI-generated image of a space object landing on Earth

Orson Welles’s infamous radio broadcast occurred 85 years ago.

Presented as news bulletins, the broadcast detailed a sudden and terrifying Martian invasion of Earth. Many listeners, tuning in after the show’s introduction and thus missing the disclaimer that it was fiction, believed the events were real, prompting a widespread panic.

The dramatic presentation, combined with the realistic nature of the “news” interruptions, made the “War of the Worlds” broadcast one of the most infamous events in radio history, showcasing the immense power of the medium.

Addressing this masterstroke of drama could help sellers of radio equipment, outer-space paraphernalia, and related.

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