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PeC: What makes AuctionCheckout different from PayPal?

In the PayPal environment today, if you’re selling, the funds from your transactions are going into your PayPal account. PayPal is not a financial institution. They can freeze those funds. AuctionCheckout “Blue” is an auction-checkout technology that will fund directly into your local checking account, because you have your own merchant account.

PeC: What does AuctionCheckout “Blue” provide that’s of real merit?

We see small to mid-sized merchants branching into sales on auction environments like eBay and Overstock auctions. AuctionCheckout “Blue” enables merchants to use their existing ecommerce merchant account and payment gateway to offer an automated checkout process directly from within their auctions. The seller can basically use whatever existing ecommerce infrastructure they have along with the AuctionCheckout system, and not have to funnel their customers off to a third-party system like PayPal.

PeC: Can AuctionCheckout “Blue” work with my existing merchant account, or must I buy the “Gold” service?

AuctionCheckout “Blue” is fully integrated into many different payment gateways such as Authorize.Net, VeriSign, LinkPoint, USA ePay and Plug’n Pay. There are hundreds of thousands of merchants in the marketplace who are trying to sell on their websites right now, but who can’t get to eBay unless they use PayPal, or unless they acquire a full auction-management solution. “Blue” enables the merchant who currently has an ecommerce merchant account and payment gateway to accept payment in real time on eBay and Overstock auctions using AuctionCheckout.

PeC: What makes AuctionCheckout “Gold” worthy of an online merchant’s attention?

“Gold” is the package we would say is an alternative to PayPal because “Gold” provides sellers with pretty much everything they need to sell on an auction platform— ecommerce merchant account, payment gateway and the AuctionCheckout technology.

PeC: What are the rates for AuctionCheckout?

In the “Gold” package, which is a bundled solution, there are no set-up fees of any kind, and the merchant-account rates are 2.19 percent and 29 cents a transaction with a monthly service fee of $29, which includes the monthly payment gateway access fee and statement fee. With “Blue,” the seller is paying only a monthly service fee and transaction fee for use of the package while continuing to pay their existing processor and gateway whatever fees they currently have.

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