Bloglist: buySafe Founder Steve Woda

In Bloglist, we ask ecommerce professionals to share some of their favorite blogs. In this installment, we checked in with Steve Woda, founder, chairman and senior vice-president of product and strategy at buySAFE, a company that inspects online merchants, monitors their performance, and bonds their shoppers’ purchases.

Here are Woda’s top five blogs:

“Bazaarblog is Bazaarvoice’s blog, and it is co-authored by the firm’s senior leadership team. They do a great job of covering the entire ecommerce marketplace, and the blog serves as a terrific model for how to best execute on a corporate blog. If you want to know how you can both promote your company’s agenda and provide terrific, useful content to your readers at the same time, the Bazaarblog is perfect example of how to do that.”

“ is Brian Smith’s blog. Brian is the founder and CEO of SingleFeed and an expert in the comparison shopping engine world. is the best source of information that I have found regarding the companies in the space. Who’s up? Who’s down? What’s working and not working)? How can you best optimize shopping engines as effective marketing channels? I love this blog.”

“As the name suggests, this is buySAFE’s blog. It is primarily authored by CEO Jeff Grass, but we all try to make contributions when our insights can be helpful to readers. The blog covers ecommerce and online trust and safety issues. In this day and age of the Internet, you can’t really separate these issues if you want to be successful selling online. buySAFE’s blog is also a great place to gain unique insights about how the principles of economics affect ecommerce, and that makes it a terrific resource for ecommerce leaders.”

“eTail Dtail is MerchantAdvantage’s blog, and it is authored by Chip Arndt. This blog is a must read for online retailers. eTaildTail focuses on marketing strategies merchants can employee across the entire comparison and mobile shopping spectrum. As a serial entrepreneur, Chip’s knowledge and advice are extremely practical and based upon the experience he has gathered as the co-founder and EVP of strategic development at MerchantAdvantage.”

“Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! is Andy Sernovitz’s blog, and it is resource for marketers and entrepreneurs. Andy is an entrepreneur (founder and CEO of, a thought leader (he was one of my professors at Wharton), an author (his latest book is Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking), and a terrific marketer (he founded the WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association). The tag line for this site is “Unusually Useful Ideas for Smart Marketers,” and that certainly describes this blog’s content. I believe Andy is correct when he says that great marketing is more about brains than bucks. This terrific blog makes that obvious.”

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