Bloglist: Michelle Greer

Name: Michelle Greer, Marketing Specialist
Company: Volusion, Inc.

Michelle Greer

In Bloglist, we ask ecommerce professionals to identify their favorite blogs. For this installment, we asked Michelle Greer, marketing specialist at Volusion, a company that offers ecommerce software, website services and advanced online solutions to large and small businesses.

When I found this site, I felt like it was tailor made for me. Sphinn is a social site for online marketers created by Danny Sullivan and the staff at Search Engine Land. Rather than reading news submitted by editors, Sphinn readers can submit news relevant to Internet marketing, and other users can push relevant content to the top by “sphinning” it.

Copyblogger is like the fun English teacher you had in high school. It is engaging and it does prod you to improve your writing. This does not apply solely to bloggers — it helps anyone writing anything for a website.

You can love or hate TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, but it’s pretty hard to deny that the site is very current with technologies available to marketers. I always discover new applications, products, and ideas by keeping up with TechCrunch and there is an active forum available as well.

A fun site created by Pete Cashmore composed of everything social media. I have no idea how the staff keeps up with all of these social media sites. Like many blogs, Mashable includes the ability to upload an entire profile instead of just including comments.

This site might not be your idea of pretty, but Jakob Nielsen is the godfather of usability and anyone who creates or markets websites should be familiar with his research. It’s easy to get caught up in new technologies, but Nielsen publishes what works and what doesn’t.

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