Bloglist: Sean Schofield, Creator of Spree Ecommerce

“Bloglist” is an occasional feature where we ask ecommerce professionals the blogs that they read and why. For this installment, we asked Sean Schofield, the creator of the Spree open-source ecommerce platform and a Practical Ecommerce blogger.

Schofield, a Ruby on Rails developer, is also the CEO of Railsdog, a technology consulting firm specializing in web application and ecommerce development. Schofield told us the blogs he likes, as well as podcast and screencast sites he visits.

Sean Schofield

Sean Schofield

Get Elastic

Provides a nice overall discussion of various ecommerce topics. It’s a good reference for customers when they have questions about a specific topic since the Get Elastic blog posts usually have detailed examples with pictures. I don’t read very many non-technical blogs, but this is one of two ecommerce blogs (besides Practical eCommerce) that I do read when I have time.

Ryan’s Scraps

Excellent examples of the latest features to be added to Ruby on Rails. Subscribe to this RSS feed, and you’ll be on top of all the important developments.

Rails Inside

Online magazine dedicated to Ruby on Rails. Well written with a good variety of topics.

Ruby Flow

This is basically a feed where community members post their
announcements. It’s an excellent way to find out about new projects and releases. It’s also great reading material for your iPhone when you have 5 minutes to kill in line somewhere.

Ruby 5 Podcast

An excellent twice-a-week podcast that’s five minutes long. It usually covers 4 or 5 recent developments in Ruby.

Rails Envy Podcast

Pretty much everyone in the Rails community has heard of this podcast. I tend to store these up on my iPod and listen to 4 or 5 at once when I have a long commute that day.

Railscasts Screencasts

The best single resource for discovering practical examples of Ruby on Rails. Ryan Bates produces quality screencasts every week. This is the first place I go when I need to find an example of a specific feature in Rails.

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