Bloglist: Silkfair Founder Albert Wu

Silkfair founder Albert Wu makes a habit of regular blog reading to stay abreast of technology trends and customer needs. Wu’s company, Silkfair, provides an online marketplace, offering sellers a Silkfair Marketplace shop or a stand-alone hosted shopping cart with Silkfair Custom Shop. In this Bloglist feature, we asked Wu to share four of his favorite blogs with us and explain why he reads them.

Albert Wu

Albert Wu

Mashable, The Social Media Guide

“On the pulse of technology and social media – usually focuses on MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook – which are all very important to our user base. Since social media is constantly changing and increasingly influential, it is beneficial to keep up-to-date with all that is going on in that world.”

Inc – The Internet Strategist

“This blog is taken from the daily resource for entrepreneurs and is a great source of ‘how-to’ insight on selling and promoting online. There are many helpful tips for people on the web, especially in ecommerce.”


“Many of our sellers started as bloggers, or have added blogs to help promote their shops online. When developing Silkfair, we aimed to have setting up a shop as simple as starting a blog. So it is important to stay current and relevant to our sellers.”


“Silkfair has many small businesses that are successful offline, and want to better manage and expand online sales with easy-to-use tools. The Entrepreneur blogs cover tech, small business news, ecommerce, marketing, and money making it a go-to site for a variety of expertise.”


“Engadget is one of my favorite blogs to read because I am a technophile myself. I love seeing the latest gadgets to hit the market and get excited about what is coming out next. Everyday there are tons of new product reviews and posts about what to expect.”

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