Bloglist: TechXpress’s Louis Camassa

In “Bloglist,” we ask ecommerce professionals to share some of their favorite blogs, websites and forums, and tell us why they read them. For this installment, we asked Louis Camassa, vice president of web services for TechXpress, and a seasoned web developer.

Louis Camassa

Louis Camassa


Digital Point

“A great resource for beginners and people looking for help on subjects like Internet marketing, HTML, and web design. However, this forum generally attracts newbies with very limited experience.”

Warrior Forum

“A hidden gem of the Internet marketing underground, this site offers extensive resources for learning everything from PPC (pay-per-click) to Facebook marketing. The marketplace on the forum is a cheap and effective way to assimilate all the latest Internet marketing tactics.”

The V7 Network Webmaster Forum

“This forum is another great resource for beginners. Here you can interact with other newbie designers, marketers, and programmers.”

SitePoint Forums

“Yet another popular forum that spans from Internet marketing, ecommerce and design, to programming, job postings and websites for sale.”

Websites and Magazines

Internet Retailer

“It is the leading ecommerce news site for many of the largest online retailers. Internet Retailer is a ‘must bookmark’ site for anyone involved in ecommerce.”


“Marketing Sherpa is your destination for ecommerce related reports, surveys, and training materials. It published a popular survey called the Ecommerce Benchmark Report, with vital data from 1,481 ecommerce marketers.”


“SEOmoz is a legendary site in the SEO world. It offers compelling blog content, tutorials, guides, and some nifty SEO tools.”


“This site features an ecommerce section with related topics pertaining to email marketing, direct mail, search marketing, and other marketing methods.”

Smashing Magazine

“An excellent resource for creative individuals and those looking for design inspiration. Not just limited to designers, Smashing Magazine offers something for anyone who is looking to learn more about anything online related.”


“SEOmash aggregates RSS feeds from some of the most popular Internet marketing sites, and makes it easy for you to browse for relevant content.”

Website Magazine

“This online publication offers interesting features on web related topics.”


“A hip, trendy e-zine offering business advice with an entrepreneurial spirit.”


“A great resource for budding and experienced entrepreneurs, and like-minded business people.”

Harvard Business Review

“One of my favorite magazines, it has varied in-depth articles from human resources to innovation.”


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