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Booklist: Braintree CEO Bryan Johnson

In “Booklist,” we ask Internet professionals to name books they believe are useful resources for ecommerce merchants. Brian JohnsonFor this installment, we asked Bryan Johnson, the CEO and founder of Braintree Payment Solutions. Braintree provides online credit card payment processing and PCI compliance solutions. Johnson also provided us with his favorite blogs, which we’ve listed in “Bloglist,” below .



By Steven Levitt

“Looks at life from an economics framework, showing that there is usually a rhyme or reason for everything.”


By Malcolm Gladwell

“Reminds us that valuable insights can be found in nearly every aspect of life.”


Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand

“Highlights the beauty of capitalism and the dangers of government intervention.”

Predictably Irrational

By Dan Arielly

“Demonstrates that human behavior is complicated but largely predictable.”



“Provides broad coverage of new technologies and companies, including payments.”


“A website devoted to news aggregation of everything payments related.”

“News feed covering cutting edge and futuristic scientific discovery and improvement.”

Greg Mankiw

“A Harvard economist who provides insightful commentary on a wide range of issues.”

Seth Godin

“A practical and insightful entrepreneur offering daily insights on nearly everything.”

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