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Booklist: Zappos CEO Lists Books That Inspire

Tony_Zappos In Booklist, we ask ecommerce professionals to name books they believe are useful resources for ecommerce merchants. For this list, we asked Tony Hsieh, CEO of,, an online retailer of shoes, bags and other accessories.

Made to Stick

Whether you’re trying to get a message out to your customers or employees, Made to Stick provides really great insight. By Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Tribal Leadership

If you’re looking to build a company culture for the long term, “Tribal Leadership” can help you figure out how to get there. Free audio book download is also available. By Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright

Happiness Hypothesis and Peak

Both of these books are great for personal growth as well as figuring out how to make your employees and customers happy for the long term.

The Tipping Point

This is a classic book that will give you a different perspective that you can apply to your business. By Malcolm Gladwell.

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Brendan Gibbons

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  1. Mark Simon January 28, 2009 Reply

    Nice list Tony. What do you have on your reading list for 2009?