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Ecommerce Product Releases: August 16, 2016

Here is a list of recent ecommerce-related product releases and updates for mid-August — from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on social media stories and exclusive content, buy buttons, crowd-funded products, local search, marketing engines, and more.

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Ecommerce Product Releases

Instagram introduces Instagram Stories. Instagram has launched Stories, a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format as a story. Users don’t have to worry about over posting. Similar to Snapchat, photos and videos disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed.

Instagram Blog

Instagram blog.

Twitter drives brand conversion with Instant Unlock Card. Managed global advertisers can now use conversational ads and a brand-new Instant Unlock Card that encourages people to tweet. The new Instant Unlock Card incentivizes users to tweet by offering access to exclusive content (e.g., a film’s trailer or an exclusive Q&A) after the tweet is sent. During the beta, brands saw an average 34 percent earned media rate. These ad units are now available to all managed accounts in all markets.

Salesfloor Storefront brings online service and personalization to big box ecommerce. Salesfloor, a retail technology platform that enables customers to shop online with their local store associates, has announced that online shoppers can now shop directly with their local big box retailer through its platform. With Salesfloor Storefronts, big box retailers create local versions of their ecommerce website for each store location. Contact on pricing.

Ello launches buy button. Ello, a “creator” social network, has launched a buy button that will send consumers to ecommerce sites. Merchants simply upload a product image, click the “$” icon, add a link to the product and publish. Ello is currently working with a select group of affiliate partners to earn referral fees when people visit partner sites from Ello and buy things.



1WorldSync and Hubba collaborate to create product discovery network. 1WorldSync, a product information network, and Hubba, a discovery network for brands and retailers, are collaborating to develop a large product discovery network. Through the collaboration, 1WorldSync’s sell-side customers can seamlessly access Hubba’s discovery network, exposing their products and brands to thousands of retail buyers and industry experts. Contact on pricing.

Tranzlogic expands with new products designed for business growth. Integrated with payment processors, Tranzlogic transforms transaction data into customer insights. Tranzlogic now offers several analytics tools that deliver powerful insights. Customer 360 allows users to identify top customers and their unique attributes. Analytics Suite enhances the Customer 360 portal with business intelligence tools for deeper understanding and managing multiple locations. Market Vision combines industry specific customer insights with market data to help users identify and understand new market trends and markets.

Lithium delivers next generation data for Twitter’s Gnip 2.0 with Klout Enrichments. Lithium Technologies has announced the next generation of Klout Enrichments for Twitter’s Gnip 2.0 products that will provide marketers, advertisers, customer support, and analytics providers with meaningful data into their customers, competitors, and trends. Customers of Gnip 2.0 can now better understand their influencers’ areas of interest and expertise, with each tweet. The update also features tools for analytics, marketing automation, and Twitter advertising. Contact on pricing.

ShipStation announces integration with QuickBooks. ShipStation, a leading web-based ecommerce shipping solution, announced that it now integrates with Intuit QuickBooks. This integration allows ShipStation users who use QuickBooks to automatically send sales receipts directly to the QuickBooks platform. Prior to this, ShipStation users had to connect to QuickBooks through third party applications.



Deacom launches ecommerce system for process manufacturers. Deacom, Inc., the developer of a single-system enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, has introduced a new ecommerce application native to its ERP software. Now all Deacom customers can leverage a virtual storefront as an additional sales channel, with real-time data throughout the platform. Contact on pricing.

Magento Commerce acquires RJMetrics. Magento Commerce announced that it has acquired RJMetrics, a cloud-based analytics platform tuned for digital commerce business intelligence. The new solution, marketed as Magento Analytics, will allow non-technical business users to quickly integrate with enterprise-grade data sets across a broad array of applications, to consolidate and analyze data for effective multi-brand, cross-channel reporting.

SmarterHQ launches StoreFront. Marketing engine SmarterHQ has launched StoreFront to capture and analyze consumer data from both a retailer’s in-store order management system and website. Retailers get a complete view of what each customer is browsing, buying, and returning, and where each customer is shopping (in-store, online, or both). From there, marketers can personalize marketing campaigns, and automate real-time marketing interactions ranging from driving online traffic to stores, in-store post purchase follow-up, brand attrition risk, and more. Contact on pricing.

Moz launches a new duplicates dashboard for Moz Local. Moz has introduced a new dashboard for duplicate management in Moz Local. The tool helps search marketers with the time-consuming task of finding and closing duplicate listings in Google, Bing, and other search-listing platforms. The new dashboard provides full visibility of duplicate listings, enhances management of listings across all Moz Local’s partner networks, and enhances the workflow to detect, review, and close duplicates.

Moz Blog.

Moz blog.

mCommerce platform Shopgate launches marketing services. Shopgate, a mobile commerce solution for online retailers, has launched marketing and design services to complement their mobile commerce platform. With a new suite of professional services, online retailers can partner with seasoned mobile marketing veterans to build and run sophisticated marketing campaigns. Retailers can choose from different packages depending on the level of services needed. Packages are designed to accommodate every size retailer, even those with no in-house marketing resources. Contact on pricing.

Vizury launches Engage Commerce. Vizury, a growth marketing technology company, has announced the launch of Engage Commerce, a platform to drive user retention and incremental conversions for ecommerce brands. The platform blends in-app behavioral attributes with machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations through multi-product push notifications across channels for synchronized campaigns. Contact on pricing.

SourceKnowledge launches Engage, a SaaS platform. Performance advertising technology company SourceKnowledge has introduced a full-featured interface for users of its cloud based platform Engage. Engage provides marketers with the ability to test and optimize creative in real-time, and to evaluate their campaigns’ return on ad spend by evaluating post-click behavior. Engage lets marketers optimize and report on core business metrics like average order value and lifetime value. It also enables advertisers to access granular campaign insights using specific post-click intent data. Contact on pricing.

Amazon Launchpad expands relationship with Kickstarter. Amazon Launchpad has announced the creation of a Kickstarter Collection, featuring more than 300 Kickstarter products available for purchase on Amazon. Startups featured in the Kickstarter Collection include Piper, Zivix, Prynt, and MudWatt, among others. Customers shopping the Kickstarter Collection can browse a variety of categories, including Electronics, Wireless Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Books, Movies & TV, and Toys & Games, as well as themes such as STEM Products, Always Be Learning, Exquisite Objects, Inventing The Future, and Public Benefit.

Amazon Launchpad.

Amazon Launchpad.

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