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Ecommerce Product Releases: May 1, 2017

Here is a list of product releases and updates for late April from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on a subscription marketplace, artificial-intelligence-based marketing and security, mobile web personalization, content delivery, and video creation.

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Ecommerce Product Releases

Amazon launches self‑service subscription marketplace. Amazon has announced a self-service subscription marketplace that allows digital subscription providers to reach Amazon customers. Subscribe with Amazon is a new way for subscription businesses to sell on Amazon, offering targeted consumer exposure through discovery features — such as search and recommendations — while also providing consumers with a way to purchase and manage their subscriptions. The program allows subscription providers the ability to offer customers flexible pricing, including introductory, monthly, and annual pricing options, as well as the opportunity to explore offering Prime exclusive deals. Subscribers receive 70 percent off each transactional amount for the first year. After the first year, provider revenue increases to 85 percent of each transactional amount.

Subscribe with Amazon.

Dynamic Yield launches new solution to turn high mobile traffic into sales. Dynamic Yield announced the launch of a new mobile web personalization solution to help convert mobile ecommerce traffic. The personalization engine features predefined templates and widgets, customizable product recommendations, personalized mobile layouts, and more. Users who visited a retailer’s mobile app or opened a promotional email, but did not complete a purchase, can be targeted with personalized offers on desktop and mobile.

VCO Systems launches a suite of light solutions to enhance productivity and manage seasonal peaks for ecommerce and retail. VCO Systems announced the launch of a new suite of cloud-enabled light systems for the ecommerce and retail verticals aimed at increasing productivity and managing seasonal capacity surges. VCO’s flexible system is battery and WiFi-enabled, allowing for an array of mobile installations. Supporting multiple users simultaneously, it’s a one-stop hardware and software solution, featuring a Bluetooth ring scanner that can be wrist-mounted for hands-free operation. Contact for product demonstration and pricing.

comScore introduces free viewability measurement to broaden trust across global digital advertising market. comScore announced that it will offer free viewability measurement to clients across global markets. comScore Viewability allows digital media buyers and sellers to measure viewability rates across display, video, and mobile inventory. By enabling media buyers and sellers to measure viewability at no cost, comScore Viewability increases clients’ ability to focus on deeper performance metrics. comScore Viewability becomes available this summer as a free, self-service offering with baseline reporting metrics.

comScore Viewability.

Instart Logic announces Helios, bringing artificial-intelligence-driven security capabilities to application delivery. Instart Logic has launched Helios, using artificial intelligence, interpretable machine learning, and automation to discover web breaches hidden in billions of applications logs, which are nearly impossible for humans to detect using traditional security technologies. Helios learns from experience, gets better over time, needs no training to get started, and provides security experts with fast discovery of anomalies they would not otherwise have found using traditional methods. Contact for pricing.

SheerID expands education verification services around the globe. SheerID, which enables companies to provide exclusive offers to specific customer segments, announced the expansion of both educator and student verification. SheerID’s global student and teacher verification solutions are now available in roughly 40 countries and 18 languages. SheerID’s eligibility verification solutions deliver a seamless, branded user experience in the consumer’s native language.

IBM puts Watson into the hands of marketing professionals. IBM has introduced new cognitive capabilities for IBM Watson Marketing Insights, a cloud-based offering that continuously examines customer behavior and learns how it may impact the success of the business. With these insights, marketing teams can take action to launch targeted campaigns designed to turn all customers into brand loyalists. IBM Watson Marketing includes audience insights, a cognitive feature that reveals key predictors in customer data based on their interactions with the brand across channels including email, digital, social media and in-store, as well as customer attributes. This data is continuously updated, revealing new audience profiles and customer segments as the relative importance of their predictors changes. Contact for pricing.

IBM Watson Marketing Insights.

ContentOro launches new marketing content delivery system. ContentOro announced the development of an enhanced system to deliver its marketing content solution to websites. Xpress Install is a new leap for its flagship product Content QSV, which converts book content to digital format and embeds it in the websites of its customers. Embed content via a site’s content management system rather than a server-side solution, eliminating the need for IT assistance. Obtain a 150 percent reduction in API calls, shortening page load times. Contact for pricing.

Ensono launches Hyperscale Cloud Incubator for enhanced cloud services. Ensono, a hybrid IT services provider, has announced the launch of its Hyperscale Cloud business unit, a company incubator dedicated to accelerating a new-to-market cloud service offering built on Amazon Web Services and advancing Ensono’s current managed service offerings built on AWS. Ensono’s Managed AWS portfolio of services is organized into five modules, enabling Ensono to meet its clients wherever they are in their cloud journeys and digital transformation. Contact for pricing.

Shakr and HubSpot partner to launch Shakr, a video creation platform for advertisers, and HubSpot announced the launch of, a platform for creating compelling video content tailored for Instagram’s vertical format. provides the tools for advertisers and marketers to build vertical video assets for Instagram directly from a web browser in a quick and cost-effective manner. Free for a limited time.

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