Four Steps to Effective Display Advertising

We’ve known it all along. So the studies recently released demonstrating the value of display advertising came as no surprise to us. One of these studies performed by the Online Publishers Association and comScore found that display ads can have a significant impact on search and consumer engagement, further reaffirming what we’ve been advocating—the importance of integration. When used as part of an integrated online marketing plan, display ads help increase brand awareness, site traffic, interaction time on the site and overall dollars spent online, while also triggering search activity among those who see them.

Choosing a network, determining your targeting methods, continuously measuring and optimizing and knowing when to employ outside help in managing your campaign are all major factors that will either increase or decrease the success of your next banner advertising campaign. We’ve broken down some things you should keep in mind before launching a display advertising campaign in order to ensure that your next campaign garners optimal results for your business.

Choose the Right Network

While it may be advantageous for some campaigns to run on a single website, the most popular method of running a banner advertising campaign is through a network. A network allows business to run their campaign across hundreds and thousands (depending on the network) of sites that fall within that network—while maintaining only one contract. With the hundreds of ad networks available, choosing the right one may seem overwhelming. There are some important things to keep in mind when choosing which network your business wants to work with. Some things to consider include your budget, your target audience and what you wish to accomplish through your display campaign. Based on these factors, you should be able to narrow it down to a few networks. Next, you’ll want to compare the size and scope of each network’s audience, as well as the sites that fall within the network and its tracking and measuring capabilities. It all boils down to whom can offer the most bang for the buck.

To Target or Not

If your business has a narrow target audience that it’s hoping to reach, then you’ll definitely want to use a very targeted ad campaign. For example, if you’re a car seat manufacturer looking to target first time mothers, you’ll want to utilize different targeting techniques in order to ensure that your ad impressions are appearing in front of this audience online. Some of the most popular methods of targeting include demographic, behavioral and geographic. These allow you to target your audience based on things like age, gender, socio-economic status, web-surfing behaviors and geographic location to name a few. However, if your business is just looking to get as many impressions in front of as many people as possible, using a run-of-network campaign might be something to consider. Both targeted and non-targeted campaigns can have their benefits when used correctly.

Continuously Measure and Optimize

In order for any campaign to be successful, it must constantly be monitored and optimized. Is your creative performing like it should be? Or perhaps you need to change your offer? Be sure to choose a network that allows you to optimize your campaign at any time without any surcharges or penalties. Having trouble finding the time to constantly watch and optimize your campaign? It may be the right time to hire an experienced digital marketing agency for help. After all, it’s what they do.

Consider a Professional

Running a successful display advertising campaign can be challenging and time consuming. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you out. Not only will they help you decide which network is best to run with and how to target your campaign, but they will also help you measure and optimize your campaign to ensure that your business reaps as many rewards as possible.

Display advertising is a valuable marketing instrument. As new research continues to surface about the benefits of display advertising, your business may want to consider adding this to its integrated online marketing plan. Display advertising is an effective way to increase brand awareness, lead generation, site traffic, interaction time on your site and overall dollars spent online—making it a worthwhile investment for your business.

Lisa Wehr
Lisa Wehr
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