Four Sure-Fire Ways to Capture More Consumers

It is critical to capture, retain and prevent your current and future consumers from slipping through the cracks—especially now. Competition is fierce, and it’s crucial that your business is being seen and heard above your competitors.

The use of social media, email marketing and banner ad campaigns can all make this possible. Here, we’ve broken down how social media, email marketing and banner ad campaigns can each be used to ensure your marketing efforts are grabbing your consumers’ attention, generating leads and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

1. Employ social media. Social media marketing is more than just a buzzword, and it’s critical that your company adopts an active role today. Establishing a presence on social networks not only can improve your search results and strengthen your company’s online standing, but it also provides a valuable outlet for articulating special offers, capturing the attention of brand advocates, and becoming part of the conversation surrounding your brand.

A great example of this occurred on June 5, 2009 — National Doughnut Day. In celebration of the holiday, both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts were offering free doughnuts. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with news of the promotion, as were brand advocates, making for an extremely large turnout for both Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. Social networks allow a company to communicate directly with its audience, whether that is to publicize an exclusive offer or simply to exchange ideas and receive valuable consumer feedback.

2. Use email marketing. Email is one of the most popular marketing vehicles. Whether you’re looking to announce a special offer or redirect the audience to a specific landing page on your website, email is an extremely valuable marketing tool for communicating with your consumers and a quick way to reach a large audience. The possibilities are endless.

Email marketing can be used to reach a vast, broad audience, but it works best when communications are targeted to cater to a specific potential consumer. For example, rather than sending out a mass email, a car seat manufacturer may want to tailor their email campaign to target new or expectant mothers. Focusing on your target audience increases the likelihood of a purchase and eliminates wasted impressions and dollars.

3. Use a banner ad campaign. Banner ad campaigns give your company a unique presence online. Whether communicating special offers or strengthening your brand image, banner ads provide measurable results, grab consumers’ attention and ultimately, increase ROI.

Online display campaigns can be targeted in a number of ways depending on your audience. Demographic, behavioral and geographic targeting are some of the most popular methods. It’s also critical to continuously track and optimize your banner ad campaign to provide the best possible results.

4. Integrate. Integrate. Integrate. While social media, email marketing and banner ad campaigns all provide unique marketing opportunities for your company, integrating these outlets with one another will further increase your brand’s online presence and ensure that your company is grabbing consumers’ attention from all angles. There is no stronger tool than integration.

A consumer who receives your email promoting a special offer may be more apt to click on a banner ad she receives later because she’s more familiar with your brand and has seen it somewhere before. Integrating social media, email marketing, and banner ads can make each outlet more effective. Integrate all three to ensure your marketing efforts are grabbing consumers’ attention, generating leads, and ultimately, increasing your bottom line.

Lisa Wehr
Lisa Wehr
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