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Fulfillment Help: Try Order Management Software

Online retailers know that there are many steps required from receiving a sales order to actually shipping it. For many retailers, these steps are separate and distinct: Print the order, enter it into accounting software, produce a shipping label, generate an inventory slip, email the customer and track the package.

Order management software aims to automate these tasks. With order management software, you receive the order from your online cart, and the order management software automatically (1) updates your accounting package, (2) updates inventory, (3) prints an invoice or receipt, (4) generates a shipping label, (5) emails the customer that the order has been processed, and (5) allows for easy tracking and returns. This automation can save a massive amount of time and employee expense.

For January 2006, Practical eCommerce will address order management software. What are the options for online retailers? What does the software cost? What are the various features? Coming next month.

Brian Getting
Brian Getting
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