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Get Organized With Advanced Searchbar

If you are like me, you enjoy organization. Everything needs to be in order so you can work efficiently and get to things you need quickly. Most likely you spend time on the Internet doing research to enhance your business, reading interesting blogs, or watching videos that spark creativity. You may even spend time visiting MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking places. Maybe you like listening to a favorite radio station or downloading music from your favorite music site. So how do you keep all of this organized?

The Answer Is Here

Fortunately, there are a lot of free programs available to help you stay organized. One in particular is Advanced Searchbar (, a free tool that installs directly in your browser and offers many different features.

For one, it links to over 100 search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and MSN, to provide search results from all of them from Advanced Searchbar. In addition, it includes an automatic form filler, account login manager, spellchecker and pop-up protection. You can keep up-to-date with 88 news providers, weather and stock lookup features. The tool also provides access to movie show times and TV listings, and even gives you driving directions and the ability to lookup phone numbers.

Are you worried about security? Advanced Searchbar does not require any of your personal information. You can browse safely as it does not hide any malicious spyware, malware or adware. In fact, it provides multiple features to keep your computer and browsing experience safe and works directly with security programs already running on your computer.

Advanced Searchbar is very user-friendly. It provides tabbed category searches, making it easy to access the sites you use most. Simply type in a search term and click on a tab. Each tab has a drop down menu with search results for every site within the category. If you want to move from site-to-site, simply click on a tab at the top of your browser. Advanced Searchbar automatically searches the site of your choice. And if you ever come across a site written in a language other than English, Advanced Searchbar provides web page translation for 12 languages.

Each menu item on Advanced Searchbar tool is also customizable. You can add your own buttons that launch any website you choose or launch your favorite program from your desktop.

Advanced Searchbar is an impressive tool, especially as freeware. And unlike many freeware programs, it does not require you to purchase upgrades or create an account.

Dave Young
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