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Goal Setting with our Teams

As merchants, entrepreneurs and business drivers we all wear various hats during the course of the day, week or month that sometimes are not part of any job description. One of my principle responsibilities is to set the overall direction and strategy for our company, both long term and short term and to make sure that we stay on that path to meet our goals. So even though we may often perform tasks that are outside of our jobs, I am charged with keeping everyone focused on the bigger picture and moving our company in that direction.

I met today with Brian, our Manager of Operations and Merchandising to review his pre-holiday goals and to get his thoughts on how to maximize our efforts in the next 30 days. I needed to ensure that his goals were in alignment with our company goals and that we pull together in their achievement. By doing this, it will set us up for success in the critical 60 days of November and December. Our mutual goals for his area were as follows:

  • Optimize our product database for maximum SEO value. Organic search is important to us and we have been working on a company-wide project that will continue to solidify our already strong & SEO friendly 60,000 item database that is high on everyone’s radar.
  • Merchandise new accessories for best selling products before the holidays hit. Some of our hottest toys for this season will be micro RC helicopters and micro RC cars & trucks. Merchandising accessories with these products will give new customers the confidence to shop with us since we provide full support to these products. In addition as soon as the holidays are over, our customers are looking for accessories for their toys and model kits.
  • Clear the warehouse of slow selling products by liquidation on eBay, returns to vendor, free shipping offers and mark downs of merchandise.
  • Review our newest and best selling brands such as Losi and make sure they are properly merchandised and promoted. Promotions will be executed via email and strategic site placement.
  • Optimize our gift shop and add to the assortment and suggestions.
  • Continue to browse the site as a customer would and maximize page efficiencies by minimizing the number of clicks to buy.

Brian is a smart merchant and he knows that by maximizing our sales and customer acquisition during the holidays, that a good percentage of those customers will come back to us to drive sales in 2010. I will personally assist with the direction of our gift shop as well making recommendations to improve our page efficiencies. The best I can do for the other areas is to support Brian by allocating the resources that he needs to accomplish those goals.

There is always so much to do in such a short time. In addition to Brian’s goals I am working on the site upgrades, features and enhancements that will be live in the coming weeks. As those elements go live, I will continue to share their effectiveness and why you should consider using them as well.

Ken Kikkawa

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