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It’s easy to publish an inventory of merchandise on a web page, but we’ve discovered a few sites that get a leg up on the competition by adding relevant content to aid in their sales. After all, when you’re operating in a medium that’s always been associated with the free distribution of knowledge, it makes perfect sense that even an ecommerce retailer should offer useful information pertaining to the items on display.

This burgeoning Internet juggernaut has made great strides over the past few years to turn the slow proliferation of environmental awareness into a successful business. Part of its success may be attributed to the “Learn” section of the site, which offers an abundance of articles discussing topics such as solar power and water purification. Presuming the shop’s visitors are already interested in ecologically friendly goods, these informative essays can quite answer a lot of their questions and concerns, and can prove quite persuasive to shoppers who are on the fence.

Thai restaurants provide one of the most sought after ethnic cuisines in any American city, but the percentage of customers actually brave enough to cook these meals at home is undoubtedly quite low. This Thai import grocer tackles this potential sales problem head on with a “Shop As You Learn Recipes” section, which offers recipes for roughly one hundred fifty popular and exotic dishes. Aside from tantalizing one’s taste buds, the lists of ingredients and preparation techniques are handily linked to the site’s inventory of Thai foods and cooking tools, so that hungry customers may simply click to purchase.

Personal fitness products appeal to a wide cross section of customers, from the vain or insecure to those aspiring to good health. But since selling exercise equipment to a person who doesn’t know how to use them is more difficult than ten repetitions of abdominal crunches, this fitness specialist offers a comprehensive library of exercise articles and techniques to complement its catalog, allowing customers to read up on their particular areas of concern and how to address them before moving on to the products they’ll need.

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