July 2010 Top Ten: Our Most Popular Posts

Each month, we compile a list of the ten most popular Practical eCommerce articles published that month, based on the number of page views. Here are the ten most popular articles for July 2010.

Six Facebook Applications to Sell Your Products

In this, the third installment of our series on social commerce, social media expert Paul Chaney writes about six applications developed to help merchants to sell on Facebook. Apps covered include Voiyk, ShopTab, Sortprice, Shoutlet, My Merch Store, and LetMeIntroduce.

Not PCI Compliant? No Problem

The PCI Security Standards Council has long held that online shopping carts, which are either “Payment Applications” or “Validated Service Providers” as defined by that organization, must affirmatively pass its compliance standards by July 1, 2010. But, at of late July, the overwhelming percentage of cart providers is not compliant. “What happens now?” is the question this article addresses.

Debunking Myths from the Top 10 Converting Websites

The average conversion rate for most ecommerce websites hovers around 2 or 3 percent, but some sites are converting more than ten times that amount, according to a survey conducted by the conversion and cart-abandonment-recovery firm, SeeWhy. This piece lists the top ten converting ecommerce sites and the conversion rate for each, with analysis by SeeWhy executive, Charles Nicholls.

Eight Copywriting Rules for Increasing Conversion

Getting shoppers to buy your products means more than just button placement and ease of checkout. Even more essential to consumers is to understand and learn about your products. These eight copywriting rules can help you improve the clarity of content on all your web pages, and encourage shoppers to proceed all the way through the purchasing process.

Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for July 2010

“Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas” always gets a lot of reader interest, and this month is no exception. For the July issue, ecommerce merchants provided tips on A/B testing, shopper surveys, free SEO tools, cart abandonment, retargeting, and more,

Tools to Combine Email Marketing with Social Media

Email marketing and social media can each provide innovative ways to communicate with potential customers; together they can become an even more formidable force. This article tells how two traditional forms of marketing are beginning to converge in ways that can be very helpful to online merchants.

Three Simple, But Overlooked, Conversion Tips

This article follows up on a Practical Ecommerce webinar that suggested new ways to market your products, and provide measurement techniques to help fine tune those methods. The article provides three simple techniques anyone can use to encourage more sales conversions.

SEO Report Card:

SEO expert Stephan Spencer selected for a comprehensive review of its SEO efforts. He describes, and takes a look at its home page, title tags, keyword choices, and much more. His final SEO Report Card might surprise you.

The PEC Review: Facebook Pay-Per-Click Ads

Facebook is now selling pay-per-click advertising. This review takes a look at how Facebook PPC works and offers an opinion on its potential for ecommerce merchants to sell their products. Included are screenshots of a sample Facebook ad, and an explanation of how users can filter user demographics to better target consumers.

The Case for Launching Sub-Niche Websites

A sub-niche site can be an excellent way to leverage the ecommerce success you have already built and give you a competitive advantage in the eyes of customers who are searching for specific products. This article says that if you have some ecommerce experience under your belt and have the right kind of products, the sub-niche strategy can reap rewards.

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