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July 2013 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts

Each month we compile a list of the 10 most popular articles we published that month, based on the number of page views. Here are our ten most popular articles for July 2013, recognizing that articles we published earlier in the month are more likely to make the list than later ones.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Opening an Ecommerce Business

Small online retailers need to understand the business side of running a store, but may also need to know other important aspects of selling online. Here are five important things to know if you run, or are thinking about starting an online business.

Using Content for Ecommerce Marketing

Small merchants can benefit from content marketing. Many may already be using content marketing without realizing it. This post by contributing editor Dale Traxler explains how content marketing works and how to get started.

New Gmail Tabs Impact Email Marketing, Expert Says

Google recently redesigned its Gmail inbox to sort emails into Primary, Social, and Promotions tabs. This piece looks at the impact of the Gmail redesign on email marketing.

5 Ways to Get More Site Traffic

Online stores need traffic in order to create sales. In this post, contributing editor Armando Roggio offers five ways to increase site traffic.

4 Tips for Finding your Ecommerce Niche

Finding your ecommerce niche can make marketing easier and running your business more fun and interesting. This article lists four tips for finding your ecommerce niche.

6 Order Fulfillment Extras your Customers Will Love

Ecommerce personalization comes in many forms. Here are six order fulfillment ideas to personalize a customer’s shopping experience.

6 Retail Brands Using Instagram Video

Instagram, the online photo-sharing app, recently launched a feature that allows users to share 15-second video clips, as well as photos. In this article, contributor Paul Chaney lists six brands using the new Instagram video feature.

18 Resources to Make a Logo

Logos help businesses establish a brand identity. But hiring a logo designer can be expensive. Here are 18 resources to help you make an affordable logo.

4 Lessons from Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Google recently announced a new feature called Dynamic Remarketing. In this piece, contributor Matthew Umbro offers 4 lessons from his company’s recent experience with Google’s new Dynamic Remarketing feature.

8 Tools to Personalize your Ecommerce Site

Site personalization doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In this article, contributor Jerry Jao lists eight tools help you personalize your ecommerce site.

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