Minimize Customer Complaints

Step Two: Send a follow-up email within a week of the customer receiving their product or service. Keep the email short, and encourage the customer to click on a link to take them to the form you created. Be sure to explain in your email that the form is very brief and will only take a minute to fill out.

Step Three: If the customer had a good experience you can ask them to use their statement on your site as valuable customer testimonial! If the customer had a bad experience move to the next step.

Step Four: Mail out a personal card or letter apologizing for the issue (yes, I mean snail-mail). If the value of the sale permits, send a small box of chocolates with the letter. Be sure the letter is personal, and signed by the principal of the company along with their contact information.

Even if your customer is not left totally satisfied, reaching out to them in a personal and surprising way will give them a sense of satisfaction and good will towards your business.

PEC Staff
PEC Staff
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