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Justin Prescott is the marketing manager for JP Communications, Inc, an Internet marketing and advertising company that publishes vertical search engines and directories, and it recently launched its Top Ten Wholesale Index site as a free tool for ecommerce managers to use in forecasting consumer trends and market opportunities.

Justin Prescott

What is the Top Ten Wholesale Index?

Top Ten Wholesale Index provides up-to-the-second and historical analyses of the top 100 merchandising items searched from JP Communications’ network. It also lists the most used keywords and terms. The site is designed to be a trend tracker with built-in keyword discovery. For instance, according to our data, handbags, dollar stores and clothing items were the most searched for items during the 2007 holiday season.

How is the data collected?

Top Ten Wholesale Index pulls data entered and keyword term outcomes from more than 30,000 unique daily visitors per day who perform nearly 100,000 searches every day. Because the index is continually updated, visitors can get the most recent data or chart search term volumes for any date range they select, going back to the December 2006.

How can wholesale search data help ecommerce companies?

General business publications, like general and consumer-centric major search engines, lack the granular data and trend tracking of a vertical search engine and industry-specific search site. The site not only shows popularity trend lines, but is also a keyword standard for ecommerce managers and online marketers.  By daily indexing and analyzing actual buyer, seller and potential customer search term behaviors for more than 50,000 keywords, Top Ten Wholesale Index can crunch frequency for the hottest trends as they build. Online resellers can go on more than a gut instinct, and as demand shifts, ecommerce companies can get real-time market intelligence on the most searched for products and then find the best suppliers for what’s hot in the market.

How can merhcants access to this information?

Simply by visiting Users can pull up graphical displays of the most searched for terms filtered through JP Communications extensive analytics for networks that serve the wholesale, retail, reseller and direct-to-consumer supply chains. No registration or subscription is required. The entire site and all the data is free of charge.

Why are you giving it away for free?

We offer Top Ten Wholesale Index as a public service to support our mission of being the most efficient and transparent environment for wholesalers, retailers and ecommerce professionals. JP Communications’ mission is to be the information superhighway for the general merchandise industry and facilitate sales of wholesale products such as apparel, jewelry and novelties with independent retailers, closeout distributors and online auction dealers. 

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