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Tips & Tricks for Discovering Lowcost Keywords

Keywords are considered the lifeline of any successful pay per click campaign. If you select the wrong ones, you can zip through your entire advertising budget without getting anything in return. If you choose the right ones, you can beat your competition to the punch and get a better ROI by spending less.

As an advertiser, you can bid on as many keywords as you wish — there are no limits. Most successful advertisers start off with 500-2,000 keywords and add on more as they go along.

There are a number of tools available on the market that can help you find these keywords. They include and In addition, most search engines also offer their own versions of keyword-research tools.

Keep the basics in mind

There are a few things you can do to build up your keyword inventory. Start off by opening a new Notepad file and thinking of five to 10 general terms that are relevant to your business. Try to think like the customers to whom you are marketing: What terms do you think they would search for to find your products and services?

Then, take these primary terms and run them through a keyword research tool. At the same time, you can take the primary words and add keywords and adjectives to them, come up with different variations, synonyms, plural terms and even misspellings.

Keep in mind that, contrary to what many people believe, it’s actually a bad idea to target very general keywords. General keywords usually cost much more than specific ones and send large amounts of traffic, but unfortunately very few sales or leads.

As the advertiser, you have the ability to target precisely which visitors you want to come to your site, so you will want to bid on keywords that are directly related to your services. The more specific and narrow the keywords are, the more qualified traffic you will get.

When you are researching your keywords, you shouldn’t only be concerned with finding more keywords, but rather think about identifying the right keywords. Your goal is not just to get traffic to your site, but also to get targeted visitors who are more likely to convert into sales or leads.

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