Webinar: 7 Key Strategies For Improving Online Merchandising

First broadcast on June 9, 2009, “Key Strategies For Improving Online Merchandising” featured Jay Shaffer, Vice President of Marketing for Infopia, as he shared methods for proven online merchandising success.

Specifically, Shaffer explained seven key strategies for improving online merchandising:

  1. Know thy customer
  2. Get Zoned
  3. Up sell and down sell, too!
  4. Cross selling
  5. Shout it out
  6. Make buying a breeze with dynamic landing pages
  7. Put your best merchandising foot forward at all times

A successful online business is dependent on matching the right product mix to the right group of shoppers. That means you need to know your products, their value proposition, features and benefits of each, and know just as much about your customers, too.

PEC Staff
PEC Staff
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