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What Can Do For My Online Business? is probably best called a social networking news site. The idea behind, and other sites like it, is that users submit web pages they have bookmarked or “dugg.” After a certain number of people “digg” the same web page, it is moved to the top of the index, which is on’s home page. Once this happens, the user-submitted web page begins to receive a lot of traffic due to the exposure on the home page of, and usually, that in turn drives even more visitors to “digg” the page.

Of course, new articles are constantly submitted, and some work their way to the top of the home page. This pushes the original page down — and so on — until it is moved to another page, and finally into some archives, never to be clicked again. The result, however, is a surge in online exposure and therefore web traffic for a short period (usually a day or two) after a new web page is put up.

For a business, can create short-term surges in traffic and exposure if your product or service is suited for it. Generally tends to be a news- and recent-events-oriented site, so fresh information is what interests the users. If your business has a new product or service, a special event, or another piece of information that you want to widely distribute, getting the content listed on isn’t a bad idea. In addition try similar sites like,, and

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