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AI Tools for Better Headlines

Writing headlines is difficult. They’re never good enough. Shorter headlines are best provided they’re informative and clickable. And don’t forget the keywords.

Luckily, AI tools can help. I’ve tested quite a few and managed decent results from the following four.

AI Headline Tools

CoSchedule offers a handy and free Headline Studio. It deploys multiple signals for impact, readability, and more, including:

  • Power words that increase clicks,
  • Emotional words that draw reactions,
  • Plain, common words to avoid,
  • Length,
  • Clarity and readability,
  • “Skimmability,” the ease of identifying keywords.

It also scores headlines for search-engine friendliness, providing tips to improve. An “AI assistant” offers advice on specific headlines. An “AI writer” will compose headlines for you. The tool saves your headlines for additional tweaking or review.

Screenshot of CoSchedule's Headline Score page

CoSchedule’s free Headline Studio deploys multiple signals for impact, readability, and more. Click image to enlarge. generates headlines and taglines that pack a punch, converting visitors into customers. The tool focuses on ecommerce to create headlines that sell products.

Enter a product name, target keyword, and select the tone — e.g., conversational, enthusiastic, humorous, professional. The premium version can sync with a brand’s voice by crawling the site for style and usage and aligning the headline accordingly.

The tool generates several headline variations based on a user’s settings. Mine were:

  • Product name: “Floral blue dress.”
  • Keywords: “Summer dresses” and “blue dresses.”

With the conversational tone, the tool generated:

  • Headline: “Blue Dresses for Sunny Days.”
  • Tagline: “Bring the breeze and blooms of summer into your everyday style. Slip into chic comfort with our feminine floral blue dresses, perfect for warm weather and making memories.”

For the professional tone:

  • Headline: “Blue Dresses That Make Summer Unforgettable.”
  • Tagline: “Slip into breezy, beautiful dresses in shades of blue. Floral prints and flattering silhouettes will make you the belle of every summer party.”

The suggestions were helpful, although the change in tone wasn’t. Nonetheless, it’s a handy tool to improve pay-per-click ads, organic search rankings, and, importantly, clarity for humans.

Hypotenuse starts at $9 a month, which includes AI images.

Sassbook uses AI to generate headlines from body copy. The free version creates up to two headlines from 250-word copy. Paid versions allow up to 800 words.

To test, I pasted the introduction from one of my articles. Both of the ensuing headlines were appealing and captured the article’s focus:

  • “Content marketing won’t pay for itself.”
  • “Content marketing isn’t just expensive — it’s also vague — here’s why.”

Paid versions — which offer more settings to adjust the headline’s style and length — start at $32.50 per month, billed annually. The free option generates 10 headlines a day, two per article.

Semrush’s free headline generator is the best for search engine optimization. Enter a keyword, and the tool will generate headlines in four categories:

  • Guides & How-To
  • Questions
  • Listicles
  • Other

It’s helpful to run the generator before composing the body, as it suggests angles and approaches.

Semrush’s headline analyzer is free with no limits or required login.

Screenshot of Semrush's "get my titles" page

Semrush’s free headline generator is the best for search engine optimization. Click image to enlarge.

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