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    Mike Sowa

    Mike Sowa

    Mike Sowa has more than 25 years experience in fulfillment and operations. He began his career in gifting with a start-up that was ultimately acquired by, the largest online retailer of wine, in 2004. While at, Mike became the VP of Operations and implemented the complex fulfillment and warehousing systems. With a dozen warehouses, numerous clubs and large seasonal variability in order volume, the systems and infrastructure Mike put in place was critical in the growth and success of the company. Mike went on to become a co-founder of ShipJunction, an innovative enterprise level shipping and carrier management solutions platform that helps businesses ship more efficiently and with reduced costs.

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    Shipping: Understanding Time in Transit and Dimensional Weight

    June 13, 2013 •

    In my 25 years of experience in fulfillment and operations, I've managed warehousing, order management, and shipping for large merchants, such as I currently am co-founder of ShipJunction, a carrier management platform for ecommerce companies. I've learned over the years that... Read More »