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Charts: 2024 Outlook of Global CEOs

Forty-five percent of global CEOs believe their company will not remain viable in the next decade if it continues on its current trajectory. That’s according to the 27th annual global CEO survey issued earlier this month by PwC, which queried 4,702 CEOs in 105 countries and territories in November 2023.

However, CEOs are now twice as likely to anticipate an improvement in the global economy this year compared to a year ago.

CEOs expect greater impacts from technology, customer preferences, and climate change in the coming three years versus the past five.

As of November 2023, CEOs perceived fewer imminent threats in the short term, with inflation being the top concern.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s monthly “Business Leaders Survey” asks executives about recent and expected trends in key business indicators. The January 2024 edition (PDF) queried roughly 200 service firms in the New York City region from Jan. 3 to 10.

The survey solicits the views of executives of those firms on multiple indicators from the prior month, such as revenue, employee count, forecasts, and more. The result is a “Business Activity Index,” the sum of favorable responses less unfavorable. If 50% of respondents answered favorably and 20% unfavorably, the index would be 30.

In January 2024, the index climbed 12 points to 24.5, suggesting that firms were more optimistic about future conditions compared to the previous month.

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