Illustration of hypothetical global executives male and female

Charts: Global Executives’ Plans, Projections Q1 2024

Global execs foresee a softening of demand for their company’s products but remain optimistic about profitability.

Male and female looking at a computer tablet in a factory
Analytics & Data

Charts: U.S. Manufacturing Trends Q1 2024

Logo logo on a smartphone screen
Social Media

Charts: TikTok in the U.S.

Photos of basketballs in a box

Charts: Retail Sporting Goods Trends Q1 2024

Photo collage of consumers of all ages
Platforms & Apps

Charts: How Consumers Use the Internet 2024

Analytics & Data

Charts: Fastest Growing Ecommerce Companies 2023

Illustration of a U.S. $20 bill with a graph on top
Analytics & Data

Charts: U.S. Retail Ecommerce Sales Q4 2023

Photo of a female business owner in front of her physical store
Local Business

Charts: U.S. Small Business Trends Q1 2024

Illustration of a flat world map
Analytics & Data

Charts: Global Economic Outlook Q1 2024

Word cloud around the phrase "Emerging Markets"
Cross-border Selling

Charts: Ecommerce in Emerging Markets 2024

Abstract forex background with map and lines. Investment, trade and finance concept. 3D Rendernig
Analytics & Data

Charts: 2024 Outlook of Global CEOs

Illustration of the numbers "2 0 2 4" with a person standing on top
Analytics & Data

Charts: U.S. Consumer Outlook Q1 2024

Toned image of glass globe with stock charts, calculator and spectacles

Charts: Global Investor Trends for AI, Sustainability

Delivery man carrying packages while making home delivery.
Shipping & Fulfillment

Charts: Shipping Priorities of Online Consumers

Partial map of Southeast Asia
Cross-border Selling

Charts: Ecommerce in Asia 2023

Illustration of a globe with bar graphs in the background

Charts: Top Publicly Traded Ecommerce Companies, Q3 2023

Word cloud for the term "venture capital"

Charts: Venture Capital Trends Q3 2023

Male and female warehousing worker in storehouse with wireless barcode scanner. Warehouse Management System

Charts: U.S. Wholesale Trends Q3 2023

U.K. flag
Analytics & Data

Charts: Ecommerce in the U.K.

E.U. flag
Amazon & Marketplaces

Charts: Ecommerce Trends in Europe

Illustration of a laptop computer next to a globe

Charts: Ecommerce VC Deals 2022, 2023

Illustration of people in front of a "social media" whiteboard
Social Media

Charts: Top Global Social Networks Q3 2023

Illustration of Europe map with gold stars of member states
Analytics & Data

Charts: Ecommerce in Europe 2023

Flat map of China in red

Charts: Retail Trends in China Q3 2023

Illustration of a globe on an abstract digital background
Amazon & Marketplaces

Charts: Top Global Marketplaces by Monthly Visits

European union flag against the sky

Charts: E.U. Retail Trends

Illustration of padlock icon on dark background. The concept of information security. 3d rendering
Fraud Prevention

Charts: Global Cybersecurity Trends 2023

Illustration of a flat global map

Charts: Global Unicorn Trends Mid-2023