Charts: Top Publicly Traded Ecommerce Companies

Defining an “ecommerce” company is subjective. Yahoo Finance’s list of publicly-traded ecommerce stocks is a mishmash of businesses in multiple industries and verticals — retailers, marketplaces, and platforms. It includes Etsy, for example, but not Shopify. Walmart is included, but not Home Depot.

Other data providers have separate groupings. lists 89 stocks in its “e-commerce” category. Shopify is on that list, as is Copart (auto auctions) and many others.

My own list of top publicly-traded ecommerce companies is a combination of those sources and more. It’s dominated by U.S. and Chinese companies.

Amazon ranks first in market capitalization at a massive $1.287 trillion, dwarfing its competitors. (Market capitalization is the number of outstanding shares times the share price. It’s a rough indicator of a company’s size or relevance.)

In terms of quarterly revenue, Walmart ranked first at $152.3 billion, which includes physical-store sales. Amazon came in second with $127.4 billion, followed by China-based retailer with $35 billion.

Amazon topped the list in terms of net income during the quarter ended March 2023, coming in at $3.2 billion, just edging out the Chinese multinational ecommerce company Alibaba.

SimilarWeb, the analytics and data firm, estimates the traffic of websites worldwide. With 2.3 billion website visits in May 2023 alone, Amazon was by far the most popular ecommerce site per SimilarWeb. eBay was second.

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