Charts: Top Publicly Traded Ecommerce Companies, Q3 2023

The definition of an “ecommerce” company varies depending on the source. Yahoo Finance’s watchlist of publicly traded ecommerce stocks includes retailers, marketplaces, and platforms. Notably, it features Etsy while excluding Shopify. Other data providers make similar subjective classifications.

My curated compilation of leading publicly traded ecommerce companies for Q3 2023 combines diverse sources. The list continues to be dominated by U.S. and Chinese companies.

As for Q3 revenue, Walmart secured the top spot, generating $161 billion. Amazon posted $143 billion, followed by China-based marketplaces with $34 billion and Alibaba at $31 billion.

Amazon reported the top Q3 net income with $9.88 billion, surpassing Alibaba at $3.65 billion.

Amazon maintains its lead in market capitalization (stock price times the number of outstanding shares) at $1.52 trillion in December 2023.

SimilarWeb estimates global website traffic. In October 2023, Amazon had the most traffic for an ecommerce company with a huge 2.4 billion visits, followed by eBay at 673 million.

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