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Charts: Top Global Marketplaces by Number of Visits

Online marketplaces worldwide are booming. What follows are charts of B2C marketplaces ranked by the number of visitors worldwide and for select countries.

With an average of 5.3 billion monthly visits in July 2022, Amazon was by far the most widely used online consumer marketplace in the world, according to Statista. eBay had the second-most monthly visits at roughly 3 billion.

Amazon continues to rule in the United States, as demonstrated by the over 2.5 billion monthly visits from U.S.-based shoppers in July 2022.

In the U.K., 12 primarily international marketplaces are most popular among local consumers. The top two are Amazon and eBay.

The most popular marketplaces of China-based consumers are Chinese businesses.

With 2.3 billion monthly visits, Amazon is the most popular among India-based shoppers. Second is Walmart-owned Flipkart, with 2.0 billion visits per month.

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