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Charts: How Consumers Use the Internet 2024

GWI is a U.K.-based research firm providing global audience data to merchants and agencies. According to GWI’s 2024 “Connecting the Dots” report, chat and messaging are the most favored apps among internet users, with 94.7% of those aged 16 to 64 stating (in January 2024) they’ve used at least one of these platforms in the last 30 days. Social networks are also widely utilized, with 94.3% of the same age group reporting usage in the past month.

Nearly 61% of GWI’s survey respondents in the 16 to 64 age group stated that their primary reason for using the internet is “finding information,” making it the most prevalent rationale. “Staying connected with friends and family” is cited by 56.6% of respondents as their primary motivation.

According to Similarweb, was the most visited website globally, with 81.1 billion visits in February 2024. and came in second and third with 30.6 billion and 15.3 billion respectively.

Per the GWI report, Instagram is the most popular social media platform globally, chosen by 16.5% of internet users aged 16 to 64. This percentage is more than double the 7.4% who favored TikTok.

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