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18 Free Web Design Tools, Winter 2024

Free resources from the design community can enhance an ecommerce site. Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from winter 2024. The tools include generative AI shortcuts, logo creation, mockup generators, coding, animations, background images and audio, domain names, free fonts, and more.

All of the tools are free or have free plans, though most also offer premium versions. The fonts are free for commercial projects. Before using a font, be sure to verify its terms.

Free Design Tools

ThinkBuddy AI is a native ChatGPT client for macOS. Use voice or screenshots to ask AI, execute commands with text selection, create and save custom prompts, customize shortcuts for quick use, and dictate with Whisper. Choose from the selection of AI models to customize your macOS AI experience.

ThinkBuddy AI home page

ThinkBuddy AI

Gem Domains is a free search engine for expired domains. Enter keywords, organic search data, price range, and more. Use it to find the domain for your next project.

Logo Packer is a web app that generates logo variations. Instantly create the variations (black, white, and inverse color), export in multiple formats, and stay organized with structured folders.

Shotune is a screenshot mockup generator. With its library of device frames, Shotune supports a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Generate backgrounds to complement your mockup. Easily add text, shapes, and overlays to create a unique and personalized look.

Shotune home page

Shotune is a Chrome extension that provides online access to ChatGPT-powered shortcuts. Create and edit engaging content, or bridge language barriers with AI-powered translations.

Slogan Generator is a tool to generate one-sentence marketing summaries for your business. Enter your business description and audience, and generate 30 slogans for free. It’s a fun tool to help find the perfect hook.

Recraft is a generative AI design tool for creating and editing digital illustrations, vector art, icons, and three-dimensional graphics in a uniform brand style. Upload an image, and Recraft will replicate more in the same style.

Recraft home page


Codingoals is a platform to learn how to code JavaScript, React, and CSS through puzzles and challenges. Learn how to build a single-page application using JavaScript and understand the benefits of modern frameworks such as React or Angular. is a multimodal AI music generator that creates and customizes quality background music. Use the wizard to generate royalty-free music by scanning your ideas through text, images, and even audio information.

Creatica is a web app that generates unique SVG and vector backgrounds. It offers a vast library of designs, from intricate geometric patterns to fluid gradients. Use the real-time preview to see how each customization impacts your design.

Creatica home page


BlitzBear is a web app for search engine optimization that cuts the manual work of improving your content. It combs through your articles and compares them against your competitors’ search engine result listings. It then serves your optimized pages after you preview and approve changes.

Audio Note AI is an app that turns thoughts into practical text. Speak your ideas, and let AI refine them into formats of your choice, such as journal entries, tweets, notes, lists, or LinkedIn posts.

Lottiebox is a Lottie animation library and set of animation tools to help users stand out from standard web experiences. Utilize pre-made, eye-catching animations for websites, presentations, newsletters, mobile apps, decks, email, and social media.

Data Dead Drop is a data storage bank that self-destroys content after access. Upload content and specify how long it should be kept. Share your link, or use it to download your file, which is automatically destroyed after being accessed a predefined period or number of times.

Data Dead Drop home page

Data Dead Drop

Free Fonts

Leentank is a sans-serif display font in four styles. Rounded and geometric, Leentank is suitable for eye-catching displays and logos.

Leentank home page


Kids Ballad is an all-cap handwritten font that’s friendly yet legible.

Kids Ballad home page

Kids Ballad

Voye is a striking geometric sans-serif font for headlines, displays, and small paragraphs. Its simplicity conveys a modern elegance.

Yoye home page


Pingsan is a chunky, rounded display font with comfort and cheer. The feel-good characters lend a good vibe to any message or brand.

Pingsan home page


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