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19 Free Web Design Tools from Summer 2023

The design of an ecommerce site impacts engagement and conversions.

Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from summer 2023. There are new AI tools, color palette generators, icon libraries, motion design tools, no-code builders, free fonts, and more.

All the tools are free or have free plans, though most also offer premium versions. The fonts are free for commercial projects. Before using a font, be sure to verify its terms.

Free Design Tools

Codejet automatically converts Figma designs into functional React and HTML code. Leverage a library of pre-built components to customize and create unique user interfaces. Join the free alpha release.

Home page of Codejet


Photoshop (beta) desktop app has added a Generative Fill tool through an integration with Adobe’s AI-powered Firefly application. After clicking Generate, the space is filled with AI-produced content that naturally blends with the existing image. The Firely-powered features in Photoshop (beta) desktop app support text prompts in 100-plus languages. Photoshop (beta) desktop app is free.

Iconbuddy is a search engine and manager to query, download, customize, and edit over 180,000 open-source icons. Download icons in SVG, PNG, WEBP, JSX, VUE, and Base64 formats.

Superlist is a collaborative to-do list application. Communicate in real-time across integrated apps and platforms, including Slack and Figma. Apply to join the private beta.

Home page of Superlist


Tailkits provides free and paid templates, kits, resources, and tools to build products with the Tailwind CSS framework. Access free templates, user-interface components, ChatGPT code generators, and more.

DataPulse is a lightweight and easy-to-understand analytics tool to learn where, why, and how people engage with your product in real time. Get a deeper understanding of visitor behavior across devices and platforms. DataPulse is currently in a free public beta release.

Magic Beans is a tool to generate invoices and financial reports using Notion data. Create your own workflow to organize invoices. Export Notion invoices to PDF files. The Pro version offers automated reports. Custom templates are coming.

Home page of Magic Beans

Magic Beans

Appwrite Cloud is an extension of the open-source version of Appwrite, a backend-as-a-service platform that provides developers with all the core APIs to build any application. Appwrite Cloud takes care of cumbersome infrastructure tasks and includes standard Appwrite features. Appwrite Cloud has opened its public beta.

ColorHub v2.0 is a new version of the palette tool and includes a library of 150 pre-made color templates. Export a palette to your project in a few clicks.

Lottielab is a web app for animated motion design. Import, create, edit, and export vector animation Lottie files. Use Animate mode and drag the play head to a timestamp. Lottielab adds keyframes during edits of the layer’s properties. Edit transitions and set easing options between keyframes. Lottielab is free during its public beta.

Home page of Lottielab


DevGPT is an AI developer using machine learning algorithms to analyze a backlog of work and identify the most critical tasks. Once tasks are identified, DevGPT creates pull requests and completes the tickets autonomously. It’s designed to work with any programming language and framework. The free plan has a 100-character limit to prompt lengths.

Illustration Kit by IconScout lets you create and personalize illustrations. Choose from a selection of illustration kits for various use cases. Set colors, themes, and styles. Mix and match elements, and apply custom colors for your design and branding needs.

Dev Mode is a new space in Figma to inspect design elements and translate them into code. Hover and click objects for details such as measurements, specs, and styles. Generate production-ready CSS, iOS, or Android code snippets from your design, or use a plugin to customize code for whatever framework you use. Dev Mode is in open beta.

Disperse is a tool to create and manage social media content across multiple platforms. Create and edit content, post or schedule it on all social platforms, and track your analytics — all in one place. Automatically create clips from a long video. Select from a library of stock content and templates.

Home page of Disperse


Free Fonts

Monsie is a bubble-style font with the urban artistry of early graffiti culture.

Home page of Monsie


Anticyclone is a straightforward and flexible sans-serif typeface with a clean and simple design. It’s practical with a touch of modern flair.

Home page of Anticyclone


New Sushi is a friendly, handwritten display font with plenty of character.

Home page of New Sushi

New Sushi

Schabo Condensed is a modern sans-serif font that’s bold and heavy with strong character. It’s a display font, useful for branding.

Home page of Schabo Condensed

Schabo Condensed

Girly Sunrise is a handwritten natural font that’s energetic and elegant.

Home page of Girly Sunrise

Girly Sunrise

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