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22 Free Web Design Tools from Spring 2023

Free resources from the design community can enhance an ecommerce site.

Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from spring 2023. There are image generators, no-code builders, user-testing tools, mockups, free fonts, and more.

All of the tools are free or have free plans, though most offer premium versions. The fonts are free for commercial projects. Before using a font, be sure to verify its terms.

Free Design Tools

Mage is a tool for consumers to produce generative images from over 50 text-to-image AI models.

Mage home page


Freepik AI Image Generator creates AI-generated images. Log in to the Freepik media database, start with your own words or prompts, choose a style and format, and tweak the final details.

Dora AI is a text-to-website AI tool to generate, customize, and deploy websites using natural language within a no-code editor. Use Dora AI to automate your animation process. Transform static designs with the 3D interaction generator.

Recraft.AI is a platform for producing generative art, illustrations, and three-dimensional images. Use the vectorizer to convert illustrations into vector art. Shift between artistic styles to instantly transform images.

Recraft home page

Recraft is a ChatGPT alternative to access real-time search data. Use the prebuilt prompts to jumpstart your work. Write detailed content from a single keyword. Get bullet-point summaries of LinkedIn profiles and YouTube videos. Personalize cold emails from LinkedIn URLs. is a free Chrome extension to access generative AI. Access ChatGPT and GPT-4, Bard, Bing, and Claude on any website without copying and pasting. Write, rewrite, summarize, translate, explain, or reply to text with one click.

Studio AI is a no-code website builder that uses AI to enhance the design process. Design manually or speak to have tasks done for you. With nothing more than a single line of feedback, Studio AI performs complex actions autonomously. Hit publish to turn your design into a website.

Studio AI home page

Studio AI

Hopp by Wix is a link-in-bio tool to make anything you promote on social searchable. Make your URL shorter, customize it to match your brand name, index it in your link-in-bio search engine, set up automatic promotions, and see performance analytics. Design a landing page in just a few clicks.

Ply is a tool to customize your apps by adding internal features without code. Install button add-ons from the marketplace. Use data from an email, deal, or ticket, and create custom interfaces with your own functionality.

UX Writing Assistant is an AI writing tool for Figma. Use well-crafted copy to improve user experiences and guide prospects through your product. Save the copy in a single place to quickly reuse it in designs and improve the assistant’s suggestions as you go.

UX Writing Assistant home page

UX Writing Assistant

Freepik Video is a new resource that provides free, quality video assets directly from the Freepik image library. Access thousands of free videos available in a range of categories. All videos can be used for commercial purposes.

Microsoft Designer, a tool for creating visuals and graphics, has expanded its preview version and is now available as a web app. Powered by generative AI technology, Designer produces unique images, captions, and hashtags relevant for social media posts.

Butternut AI is an AI no-code website builder. Quickly build a fully functional website. Produce generative images and content in seconds to suit your brand voice.

Butternut AI home page

Butternut AI

AI Library is a free search engine for AI tools. Search, filter, and find tools and save them to your account.

Stigg provides API and SDKs that enable businesses to build pricing and publishing plans, control feature access, introduce paywalls, and test and roll out changes.

Float UI is a collection of modern user interface components and website templates built on React, Next.js, and Vue (soon) with Tailwind CSS.

AppSpector is a remote debugging platform for iOS and Android apps. AppSpector features real-time monitoring to discover bugs as they arise. Use historic replay to reproduce bugs. Connect and control your app from anywhere.

AppSpector home page


Free Fonts

Retro Gastroll is a vintage monoline font inspired by 80s typography with straight but dynamic lines to give a neat and relaxed impression.

Retro Gastroll home page

Retro Gastroll

Fixel, by MacPaw, displays a combination of geometric and humanist grotesques, resulting in open letter forms, wide width, and crisp edges.

Fixel home page


Juniory is a modern display font with fun accent lines for bubble depth.

Juniory home page


Gracie is an elegant and versatile font for logos, headlines, or plain text.

Gracie home page


Balpaq is a clean comic sans serif with bold characters. All caps, Balpag is suitable for display banners.

Balpaq home page


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